The world is a beautiful place and for many years, you have been coming to view it through our lens, captured by what has come to be known as an exquisite eye. Whether we’re whisking you away to a far-flung and magical château in the Loire Valley, illustrating the most sophisticated way to wear a trend (or a classic, for that matter), or discussing the most important world news stories of the moment, everything here at This Is Glamorous is done with the care and consideration that you’ve come to expect. It is this obsession with only the best that drives us to feature the most exquisite visual stories from across the worlds of fashion, décor, art, architecture, design, beauty, food and travel, and we hope our daily discoveries help bring a little more beauty to your world each day.

EIC Roseline Isabella Lohr

Roséline is a designer, stylist, editor and entrepreneur known for her exquisite eye. She founded This Is Glamorous in the summer of 2007 and just two years later, left traditional office life behind to work full-time at the immensely popular website, which has grown into a community of intelligent and savvy readers and a compendium of the best and most beautiful things in the worlds of décor, fashion, food, arts & culture and travel. In the winter of 2014, Roséline co-founded Belgrave Crescent, a luxury leather goods line made in England. The spring of 2015 saw the launch of, an online boutique created to feature a rotating selection of work by independent designers and artisans from around the world.

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P.F.M. is a designer, photographer and entrepreneur who co-founded Belgrave Crescent & He also writes the Articles of Interest & Playlist features and is the Creative Director for Belgrave Crescent, where he is most often found working on new designs or coming up with brilliant ideas for the next big thing.

Dana is a fragile dreamer, they say, arriving in Paris four years ago, for love, and the city has been constantly changing her life since then. Hers is a world of books, (Marguerite Duras, Simone de Beauvoir, Anne Berest), expos, long walks sur les quais de Seine, pink skies, fine wine and peonies.

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Felicity comes from humble beginnings and has contributed to This is Glamorous for over 10 years. She very much appreciates the aesthetic content that Roséline curates and the gentle elegant palettes of This is Glamorous. If you are interested, Felicity‘s past posts (link) will give you an idea of some aspects of her overall taste and an appreciation of a few of her many and varied interests. She hopes her stories here on TIG will bring joy, inspiration and sunshine into your lives.

Amber Fairweather is a writer and musician based in New York City. She is an avid traveler and has lived in California, Hawaii, rural Pennsylvania, and London. Her journeys fuel her quest to find and share the beauty in life. A few of her favorite things include books, roses, coffee, and photography.

Victoria | Contributor, London

When she is not attending school in London, Victoria lives in the south of Spain, having moved there from her native country Ukraine when she was just a child. The momentous lifestyle change, along with frequent travels to the magnificent cities of Europe from Vienna to Paris allowed her to become cultured since a young age, appreciating the finer things in life, including the arts, the humanities and literature. What particularly inspired her were the endless pages of the fashion magazines she collected which encompassed all of her passions into one, and allowed her to drift away into a hazy world of bright lights, sparkles and haute couture where she could be anything she wanted to be, from an edgy girl next door to a princess.

She finds herself looking up to timeless icons from past decades including Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Katherine Deneuve and Audrey Hepburn, and longing for sunny afternoons on the French Riviera and walks along the Seine during spring. Always overdressed and dishing out on tailored pieces and shoes – secretly dreaming they were from Dior or Saint Laurent – she dresses for herself rather than others, and would trade breakfast for Vogue or a one way ticket to anywhere beautiful.

Louise Keane grew up beside the sea in Dublin, inspiring a life-long love of the coast. She studied French and History of Art & Architecture in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to London to work first in publishing and then in Marketing & PR.

After a move to Edinburgh, she decided to heed a creative urge which had been tugging at her sleeve for a number of years, and she retrained as an interior designer. While studying interior design, Louise discovered a love of pen and ink with watercolour illustration, which she now does alongside her interior design work.

Louise runs her interior design company, Amalfi White Living, which offers her clients a fresh, elegant style, mixing vintage and modern pieces for a luxurious yet relaxed look. She dreams of renovating a white house by the sea.

Laily Mesbah

Laily lives in NYC and began contributing to This is Glamorous in 2011, interviewing designers for a popular series called Favourite Five. Her background ranges from studying documentary photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to founding Project Flora, a company that works with florists, event planners, and socially-conscious brides and grooms to resell flowers after events, donating a part of the proceeds to charity. She currently runs a digital media and marketing company servicing an array of clients, including Flower Girl NYC and Lushlife Nailworks. Her new column, La Fête, explores trends in the world of event design and planning.

Inspired by film noir, F. Scott Fitzgerald novels & the thought of a summer spent in Paris, this high tea connoisseur enjoys photography & designing & making her own clothes. Joey has been buying fashion, wedding & interior design magazines since a wonderfully young age, and would spend hours browsing through their glossy pages making ‘inspirational’ scrapbooks. Never spotted without high heels, a sketchpad, a pop of pink lipstick & a strong coffee— Joey adores great love stories, chandeliers, crème brûlée, the French countryside & sequins & sparkles & her long time sweetheart— the love of her life whose kisses still give her butterflies …

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Sarah Klassen

Even as a girl, Sarah spent hours curled up in her home library, exploring enchanting tales, lands to be discovered and explored, intriguing stories, and timeless beauty. What resulted is a lifelong passion for love and authenticity, delightful simplicity and beautiful moments. Educated in design, marketing and English, Sarah’s keen eye and aesthetic allow her to immerse beauty and heartfelt passion into both her personal and professional projects.

Read her popular TAKE ME AWAY series here.

Bárbara Wieliwicki de Resende, Interiors, Brazil

A designer with an eye for aesthetics and a love for décor, Barbara lives in Brazil where she once worked with fashion brands at an advertising agency. She has lived in Australia for a season, worked as freelancer, and in 2008, she created her first blog about fashion. Two years later, she launched a second blog about décor. Today, both blogs are one, and a place where she edits, photographs and creates content daily. Living Gazette has become a benchmark for aesthetics determined. She has been a reader of This is Glamorous since 2008 and the site has been a great influence in her work.

Anita | Contributor, London

A petite freelancer from London with an endless itch to travel. Happily infatuated with popular culture. Often found jamming out at concerts and sipping a good brew at your local café.

Being a curious and open-minded person, Marzena has a deep interest in everything new—be it people, cities, styles, books or new banana bread recipes. She loves to travel and feel the energy of urban cityscapes just as much as the the calming days at a forlorn beach, always eager to see the world from a different angle than the day before. When she is not working on strategy and communication for the Berlin based start-up Amazine, she loves spending her time exploring new places, drinking strong coffee and writing stories for her blog Definitely Golden, reading the latest issue of The Gentlewoman and taking pictures for her Instagram account.