Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 18.01.21

YESTERDAY, WAS FEELING out of sorts, even before realising that it was Blue Monday, the day that’s said to be the most depressing of the year. Had thought it was because the new marble coffee table I’d ordered arrived on Saturday morning in pieces, or perhaps because of the constant rain and gloomy skies, but whatever the reason, I’m happy that today is another day and that yesterday is firmly in the past. Winter is hard, but there are hellebores and snowdrops; and candlelight and firelight in the evenings; and coffee in the morning. We’re also over halfway through Dry January and weeks of eating cottage cheese with raspberries for breakfast and salads with tins of Ortiz for lunch. We’re also taking on new projects and learning new things and feeling cautiously optimistic and hopeful that this brand new year will be better than the last. So far, in many ways, it’s already been better.

This week’s links include vintage photographs of the Venice Film Festival and the best villas to rent for a summer in Mallorca; leaving social media and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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