Weekday Wanderlust | Places: Maison Kamari, Paros, Greece


Weekday Wanderlust | Places: Maison Kamari, Paros, Greece

Above: VIA DESIGN. / VISUAL | Right: via The Perfect Hideaway

Weekday Wanderlust | Places: Maison Kamari, Paros, Greece

I am compensating for my lack of travelling to Greece this week (a trip that was planned a few months ago) with virtual inspiration, and stumbled upon the beautiful Maison Kamari in Paros, Cyclades, Greece and wanted to share it with you.

Located in the Greek countryside surrounded by rocky hills and olive trees, this charming 3-bedroom villa is available for rent. Local architects Natasha Deliyianni and Yiorgos Spiridonos from React Architects designed the exterior of the home, while owners Damien de Medeiros and Alexandra Leroux, designed the interior, using a calming, neutral palette, vintage furnishings and natural textures to created a minimalist, mid-century modern vibe. Concrete ceilings and industrial flooring, an azul pool, and white walls add to the modern style, while on the rooftop, there is a lounge area with breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea...


Weekday Wanderlust | Places: Maison Kamari, Paros, Greece

via design. / visual


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