Fashion | Style Inspiration: Sabina Socol


Fashion | Style Inspiration: Sabina Socol
Fashion | Style Inspiration: Sabina Socol

They talk in every article about capturing French style or Parisian allure, French beauty, and that certain je ne sais quoi. Well the secret about come to light now: there is no magic formula, it’s all about personal style.

A few years ago, at the Chanel Beauty Boutique on rue des Francs-Bourgeois, I heard the first time about Sabina, a Romanian girl, as I, but the most French & stylish of all girls...

Sabina Socol by @virgile.guinard@virgile.guinard



Sabina Socol has a playful French style. She loves vintage pieces and she styles them in a trendy yet timeless way.

“I was born in Romania in 1988, under the Ceaucescu regime. My parents came to France immediately after the revolution, so I grew up there and I often joke that I am a “fake Romanian.” I studied journalism and communications, during which I became involved with a women’s magazine and media, particularly for the web. After a period working as a Social Editor for a major fashion magazine, I decided to quit my job to become a freelancer. I now run two blogs in the US [Who What Wear and Into The Gloss] and I work alongside brands that I love to support with digital campaigns.” (from The Socialite Family)

Fashion | Style Inspiration: Sabina Socol

In her closet: réalisation par summer dresses, Chanel jackets, micro Jacquemus bags, high-waisted jeans, knitted sweaters and knee-high boots. She says that « L’Elégance se trouve le plus souvent dans la simplicité. »

As she’ll be launching soon, her brand « Ask a French Girl », she knows a thing or two about the subtilité of sexy « à la française ». Socol states that icons as Carole Bouquet, Fanny Ardent or Brigitte Bardot would be the perfect style inspiration for the brand. Meanwhile, an idea of French sexy for her would be:

« Une chemise en soie, dont on retrousserait les manches, un pantalon ajusté à la taille, une paire des talons, des petits details comme des bijoux fins et délicats, le tout porté avec allure. Mais, surtout un poil de désinvolture, et beaucoup, beaucoup de répartie. »

{"A silk shirt with the sleeves rolled-up, paired with a pair of fitted trousers, high-heels, little details such as delicate jewels, and everything worn with allure."}

Sabina Socol by @thesocialitefamily-1From The Socialite Family
Sabina Socol by @thesocialitefamily-2From The Socialite Family

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Daniela Chelariu, Travel Editor, Paris
Travel Editor, Paris

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