At Home With | Interior Designer & Artist: William McLure, Birmingham, Alabama


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01-William McLure Birmingham Alabama by Hector Manuel Sanchez-

WE HAPPENED UPON new photos of artist and interior designer William Rankin McLure IV‘s Birmingham, Alabama loft on Instagram and (@william_mclure) and immediately needed to see more. He tagged his photographer, Hector Manuel Sanchez (@hectormsanchezphoto), who shared more shots of the space, and if there’s only one thing more chic than a sun-drenched loft, it would be a sun-drenched loft filled with art, and this one is definitely that. Moreover, it is filled with McLure’s own wonderful works of art — paintings and mix media, alongside concrete ceilings and industrial window panes, a canopy bed and seagrass grass rugs and even a rattan indoor swing. Click through from a glimpse …

P.S. the designer’s previous home

All photos by Hector Manuel Sanchez

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