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Belgrave Crescent | Design Notes: The Las Salinas Suede Clutch


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 06.06.16

Left, photo by Victoria Berezhna @vberezhna & right, the Las Salinas Suede Clutch in Ibiza Sunset

Belgrave Crescent | Design Notes: The Las Salinas Suede Clutch
At the Shops | New at Belgrave Crescent: The Suede Collection

Design Notes

Belgrave Crescent was born in the United Kingdom and from the very beginning we have been very conscious to infuse our designs with a sense of British heritage and style. Whether we are using hand-finished British leather or having our products made by skilled artisans in the Midlands — the traditional heart land of the leather industry — we strive to incorporate an element of the past and mix them with forward-thinking designs that are simple, elegant and practical.

People often ask us about our design process and how we bring our ideas to life. The Las Salinas Suede Clutch for instance started with a visit to a saddle & tack shop in the East end of London. There we discovered some large brass o-rings that are used in traditional saddlery. We knew immediately that we could create an interesting design around this traditional element.

Our designs typically evolve from sketches, to paper models, to prototypes and finally the finished product. On the way to the finished product there are many different incarnations and debates until we are satisfied with the result. Roséline and I are able to bring different elements to this process, but I think we complement each other well. She is able to bring an element of femininity and refinement while I bring an element of practicality and inventiveness.

The Las Salinas Suede Clutch is the latest in our ever evolving product line. We are excited to share with you many of our new designs in the coming months.


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Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

JUST FINISHED reading “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng and didn’t really like it. After finishing Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, which was beautifully written, Little Fires seemed much more utilitarian in its writing style, which is fine if things hadn’t ended so abruptly and with so many things unresolved.