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Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Trenches for Autumn Days


Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days

PERHAPS SOME OF THE BEST THINGS about autumn–besides the turning leaves and golden light–are the layering & the coats. Earlier this week, we featured 10 Coats, Jackets & Capes for these autumn days, and today we’ve rounded 9 more of our favourites for cosy October mornings . . .

Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days
Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days

Playlist 09.15.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

“Cool To You” is the third release of this year from Taylor Van Ginkel’s solo project, Teenage Priest. Written and produced by the Los Angeles artist, he expresses the struggle of wanting to be perceived as cool, despite straying from his internal desires.

News 09.13.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

One of the most radical and important ideas in the history of physics came from an unknown graduate student who wrote only one paper, got into arguments with physicists across the Atlantic as well as his own advisor, and left academia after graduating without even applying for a job as a professor. Hugh Everett’s story is one of many fascinating tales that add up to the astonishing history of quantum mechanics, the most fundamental physical theory we know of.

Trend: Curvy and Voluptuous Furniture Designs & Proportions

The minimal straight lines and sharp edges of modern interior design are giving way to curves, rounded corners, softer forms and sensual, sculptural shapes. Curvy and voluptuous furniture designs and proportions are back in style and ushering softer, more playful, even chubby shapes. Rotund, portly pieces in the new neutral shades of shades of peach, blush, olive, taupe and tobacco have been taking over are screens and feeds this autumn, filling them with softness and warmth. You can follow this trend with smaller sculptural pieces as well, such as pottery and ceramics, globe lamps, cylindrical ottomans, and handmade bowls.

The Best Anti-Pollution Skincare Products for City Pollution & Digital Ageing

Summer holidays is the best skincare that could possibly exist―not only are our bodies are more relaxed and rested, but spending these summer days with bare skin without any makeup (at least in my case) gets me to my best complexion.

News 09.11.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

“There is infinite hope,” Kafka tells us, “only not for us.” This is a fittingly mystical epigram from a writer whose characters strive for ostensibly reachable goals and, tragically or amusingly, never manage to get any closer to them. But it seems to me, in our rapidly darkening world, that the converse of Kafka’s quip is equally true: There is no hope, except for us.

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

WE SPENT MOST of the last week in Edinburgh on business, and have also been slowly emptying out the contents of our storage unit there, which means for the most part of the past few days, have been buried under an avalanche of old photographs and letters, and even came across a diary by my fourteen-year-old self. It’s been strange and exhausting living in the past, but it has also been an exercise in deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, what’s really important and what I really can’t live without.

News 09.09.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Starting in the late nineteenth century, women made up the majority of telephone-switchboard operators, but, when the new medium of commercial broadcast radio became popular, in the nineteen-twenties, women’s voices fell out of favor.

Interiors: A New Look at Contemporary Style

ONE LOOK THROUGH our Décor Archives and you will notice immediately that there are very few contemporary interiors and a thorough fondness for maximalism. We’ve always favoured traditional or new traditional styles to anything modern, being drawn instead, to ornamentation―gilded mirrors and chandeliers, toile and boiserie and crown canopies. The closest we’ve ever ventured to the modern or minimal is ornate austerity.

Playlist 09.08.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Francis And The Lights, the synth-pop project of the musician known as Francis Starlite, has a new album coming out later this year called Take Me To The Light, the follow-up to 2017’s Just For Us.