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In the News 22.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 22.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


1. The Mayor vs. the Mogul

“On November 5, 2014, Mike Bloomberg settled in front of a Bloomberg terminal, logged on with his ‘B-unit’ biometric identity card and prepared to send an email to his employees. He’d been gone 12 years, balancing budgets at City Hall and reshaping New York on a grand scale. Three terms running the greatest city on Earth. Now he was back where he began, at Bloomberg L.P., his $9 billion financial data and media company. He’d started showing up, days after leaving politics, at a desk on the fifth floor of the company’s glassy Lexington Avenue headquarters. He attended editorial meetings and involved himself in business strategy. He watched. He listened. In September, he had announced that he would be resuming CEO duties. Now this would be his first all-staff message since then. He had to choose his words carefully.”

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2. New Again: Werner Herzog

“As a director, actor, author, producer, and screenwriter, Werner Herzog is a true multihyphenate within the film industry. His movies garner rave reviews and critical acclaim, yet have also been the subject of controversies. Although he’s most recognized as a pioneering figure of German cinema, he has also penned autobiographical books. For example, when Herzog found out his mentor and good friend Lotte Eisner was dying, he packed a duffel bag and took off on foot to make the journey he thought would keep her from dying. During this trek from Munich to Paris, the writer noted everything in his diary, which was eventually published in 1978 under the name Of Walking on Ice. On Monday evening, Herzog gave a special reading of his notes at NeueHouse in New York.”

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3. I once tried to cheat sleep, and for a year I succeeded

“In the summer of 2009, I was finishing the first—and toughest—year of my doctorate. To help me get through it, while I brewed chemicals in test tubes during the day, I was also planning a crazy experiment to cheat sleep.”

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4. How the Gangs of 1970s New York Came Together to End Their Wars

“This is what the Bronx looked like in the early 1970s: a battleground filled with gangs of all shapes and sizes in a vaguely moderated state of anarchy, turf wars fueled by the economic failure of shoddy urban planning in a city verging on bankruptcy.”

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5. Christopher Bailey Brings Burberry Into the 21st Century

“IN THE WEST YORKSHIRE TOWN of Castleford, England, pop. 39,192, there is a long, low Art Deco building that bears the rubric ‘Made in Yorkshire’ above its front door. The bright, anonymous structure gives nothing away, but inside is where Burberry makes its check-lined trench coats—an item that ranks with Hermès scarves, Gucci loafers and Vuitton bags as a style classic. Here in Castleford, and in nearby Keighley, nearly 800 people weave and cut the fabric and hand-sew the coats, at a rate of more than 5,000 a week, or a quarter of a million a year. Burberry’s chief executive officer, Christopher Bailey, is acutely heritage-conscious—he was, after all, responsible for the inscription installed over the portal of this historic building, dating from 1937, even though the company has been on these particular premises only since the 1960s. I am the first journalist allowed to darken these doors—with Bailey, acting as my tour guide for the day, bounding from person to person and encouraging them to tell their own tales. ‘I grew up in this world,’ he says. ‘It’s my favorite place. I love the atmosphere, the people, the culture, the make, the skills. Running a company for me is as much about being here with these guys as it is talking to analysts about results. Everything comes back to this.’”

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  • I don’t know what it is about him but just reading this article made me want to 1- take a nap 2- go on a long trip away from NY.

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