{fashion inspiration | on pink pantsuits & stella mccartney}


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{fashion inspiration | on pink pantsuits & stella mccartney}

Leave it to Stella McCartney to make me want to wear a pantsuit in pastel pink. If it weren’t for the exquisite version from her fall 2010 collection, I would not even dream of mixing both the concept and the colour . . .

{fashion inspiration | on pink pantsuits & stella mccartney}

This is exactly why one cannot help but anticipate her next collection. Stella has a unique perspective which often times leads to the rethinking of fashion preferences and aversions. All of a sudden we covet a large-scale citrus print, search for an oversized camel sweater and fall in love with pointy kitten heels.

And can’t resist buying a pantsuit in pink.


marzena czyzewski, contributor, {this is glamorous}

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