{table for two | recipe : flakey & buttery croissants}


{table for two | recipe : buttery croissants}

One of the things that you can’t help but miss about France is the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries wafting leisurely through the narrow streets. It welcomes you at the earliest hours in the morning and manages to bring some warmth and cosiness to an otherwise gloomy an rainy day . . .

{table for two | recipe : buttery croissants}

If you are not living in the French countryside or la capitale, finding the perfect flakey and buttery croissant can be quite an undertaking. Quite a few disappointments have probably marked your search and you felt more and more deeply for Monsieur Swan and his eternal reminiscence of the madeleine.

{table for two | recipe : buttery croissants}

If you still find yourself daydreaming about this pastry, you will probably not shy away from the thought to take the matter into your own hands and kitchen. Probably even more so when I say to you that the ever so lovely food blog Top With Cinnamon offers a step to step guide of how to make the perfect croissants right here. —Marzena

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