{hello | tuesday musings & home again . . .}




And after nine unexpected days in Paris, it’s home again, home again, and thanks so very much for all the cards, notes, emails and texts — so very, very thoughtful.  And as you can imagine, there is so very much to catch up on after being away from work for so very long, but it’s also lovely to fall into work as a perfect distraction, and to be fortunate enough to have work that one loves and looks forward to every day, and so, as it were, a torrent of inspiration to mend broken hearts and wile away summer days . . .

{hello | tuesday musings & home again . . .}

NEW | today :

* fashion editorial : the sofia factor
* photography : star dreams
* places : afternoon tea at the wolsely
* décor inspiration : interiors atelier AM

* and still to come this week, a few beautiful photographs of the city of lights . . .

[images : one –   // two – via tumblr]