{question : what is your favourite way to stay fit?}



. . . and after being wrapped in cashmere and wool and tweed for the past while, every year, around this time, [just as the sun sets a little later each day and there’s springtime in the air], all the summer clothes in the closet suddenly look hopelessly skimpy and rather revealing by comparison, invariably bringing about reminders of lapsed gym memberships and thoughts of weekend bicycle rides, or perhaps, even, morning runs; but this year, have decided that perhaps, joining a fitness class of some sort, may be just the thing . . .

{p.s.} what’s your favourite way to stay fit?

[image : jennifer lawrence photographed by max abadian for flare june 2011 & IO donna may 2012]

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  • Zumba – its fun, different every time and the hour flies by. And the clothes get more and more loose!

  • Pure Barre by far is the best butt kicking/worth the money class I’ve ever done – highly recommend :)

  • I absolute love The Bar Method! It gets your muscles scorching without drenching you in sweat. And the way stretching is incorporated into the whole routine your body feels GOOD afterwards – and not like you just got hit by a truck!

  • Bikram yoga,, running & bicycling. unfortunately the nearest Bikram Studio is a 25 min. drive and as the class is 1.5 hours the whole experience ends up taking a big chunk of time out of my schedule so I don’t do it very often.

  • I don’t exercise much but I always feel so good after I play tennis, and it is even better when you have a fun partner! Plus you can use this Hermes collection for outfit inspiration…

  • Love that shot of Jennifer Lawrence. I like the elliptical because it’s low impact cardio, and my friends keep telling me to try Zumba. On days I don’t get to the gym, I just do basic strength training in my room. Really have no excuse to skip workouts that require no equipment and very little room, so I’m pretty good about keeping up with those.

  • I love pilates! I alternate that with a cardio class and maybe some weight lifting. Variety, is key, I find.

  • les mills classes (bodypump/attack/step/combat/cxworx/flow) + yoga/pilates/boxe. To vary is the answer, I never get bored!

  • I attend a bootcamp class 3X a week. We do high-intensity interval training. It’s really tough but so rewarding! On our “off-days,” I like to take an occasional yoga class to stretch out my sore muscles. :) I also love hiking with my little dog when the weather is nice! Good luck! xo.

  • jt — yes, motivation & finding the time seem to be regular reasons for not registering for classes, but hopefully my skimpy summer wardrobe will be enough of a push in the right direction! x

  • deborah flanagan — thanks so much for the suggestion — sounds like something i might enjoy, and will definitely do a little research to find out more a out it and also to see if there are any classes available in my neighbourhood x

  • Bikram yoga and spin class are my favorites. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to motivate myself to attend lately.

  • Hello Roséline,
    I’ve been working out with Pure Barre, a barre exercise class. No need for ballet or dance experience. This is a great way to tone, lift and burn as the method proclaims. No jumping or bouncing around. Just contracting muscles until they fatigue. Sounds simple but in the various positions they shake and you feel you can’t take it any more. I love this exercise method. Give barre exercise method a Google and see what you think. I also kickbox and weight train. Hope you find an effective workout you enjoy

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