{a new week, a new year, and spring cleaning in the wintertime}





. . . but of course, spring cleaning takes place in the spring, but around here, it also takes place in the height of wintertime, for, along with the plans and dreams, and the need to re-order and re-organise, comes the overwhelming desire to clean and sort and stack and fold; files, virtual and otherwise, suddenly seem unruly, inboxes a mess, and one wonders about the contents of drawers and closets and cupboards — and so, for this new week of this new year, it’s clean [monogrammed] linens, fresh flowers and fresh starts . . .




[and as always, so much more below] x
















[image sources : one /// two /// three /// four /// five /// six /// seven /// eight /// nine /// ten /// eleven /// twelve /// thirteen /// fourteen /// fifteen /// sixteen /// seventeen /// eighteen /// nineteen /// twenty /// twenty-one /// twenty-two /// twenty-three /// twenty-four /// twenty-five // french linens, photography by laura mcquire via french vintage home]

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  • laura mcquire — done :) & thank you for your note — here is where the image was found : x

  • Hi, I love your blog and have enjoyed it from sometime. I am surprised and slightly delighted to see one of my images used. Not sure how you came across it but it would be nice if you gave credit to the photographer and my website where these French Linens are sold. Thank you!
    photo by Laura McGuire

  • The embroidery and lace details on the table napkins are lovely. I feel a little nostalgic since my mother always keeps a handful of these vintage napkins back in the day.

  • katelbee — so sorry to hear that your week was off to a rough start, but so happy you were able to visit with a cup of coffee and feel more at ease — thank you for leaving such a lovely note, and for making {this is glamorous} your favourite blog :) such a wonderful thing to hear

    wishing you a beautiful rest of the week! xo

  • Lynne Marie said...

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for these fresh and inspiring images!

  • Roseline, just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful site. For the last year or two that I’ve been reading {this is glamorous}, it’s proven a consistent source of inspiration, escape and happiness for me.

    My week is already off to a rough start, but taking a moment to savor these wonderful photos with my morning coffee put me at ease.

    Please keep up the incredible work on my favorite blog!

  • Like you I love Spring cleaning and purging at the beginning of the year. There’s something very therapeutic about it :-)
    Gorgeous linens and pug xx

  • The embroidered linens I want them all!! So wonderful!

    2013 Artists Series

  • Si jolie!

  • So happy to hear we aren’t the only ones doing spring cleaning early, how else to pass the dark and dreary days of a Canadian winter? Now, if only I could get this beautiful white result……..sigh. Lovely, lovely post Rosaline. xx

  • Those linens, especially the monogrammed ones, are amazing. I hate that we have a Cal King bed because it means I can’t take advantage of vintage bedding!

  • You have the most beautiful photos on your blog…thank you for sharing…

  • How beautiful!! =) This is just what I need to look at! I’m going home tonight and cleaning like a mad woman! I love all the crisp whites and blush bowls! Beautiful! =)

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