{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}


{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

“I walked far down the beach, soothed by the rhythm of the waves, the sun on my bare back and legs, the wind and mist from the spray on my hair . . . And then home, . . . full to the brim with my day alone.”

—from Gift From The Sea

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

As free as the bird that swoops over the gentle, rhythmic waves that skim the sand, so are those who visit the beach . . . here, days begin beautifully with morning coffee on the dock, followed by walks along the shore, in breezy, light dresses, always in search for treasures tucked into the sand and water—maybe sea glass, broad-ribbed cardita, rose petal tellin sunray venus, or starfish?

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

Afternoons are always special with languorous picnic luncheons on the beach on favorite checkered linens, followed by serene naps under a breezy, sheer tent, nestled on cots, books and magazines and baskets within reach. And there is always an hour or two to spare for a bicycle ride into town for a few things, such as homemade ice cream, of course.

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

Early evening swims close the afternoon, and as day falls to night, romantic layered tables are prepared, topped with flowers, fresh lobster, champagne, mother of pearl spoons, chairs awaiting company, laughter and lively conversation that spills into the star-lit night.

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

And for those who adore the beach, one of the most delightful places to stay is without a doubt, a beautiful beach cottage. A perfectly refreshing place to wake up to, with spans of windows and and the sparkling water, just outside. One with freshly cut green grass, picturesque picket fences, and romantic shades of roses, spilling over, a place to display favorite collected shells—dainty little treasures—in jars, on cake plates, on a side table, a place to invite friends to stay or plan for a romantic getaway for two. And so, today we pack our Summery things, baskets, books and set off to discover beach cottages of summer . . .

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

01 | Amy’s Lane, East Hampton, US

A warm entrance, complete with a circular driveway, instantly welcomes guests as they pull up to this East Hampton home. The classic, traditional style, designed in soft grey tones with large windows and shutters truly makes for a lovely getaway. Fitting for about to eight to ten people to stay at one time, visitors can stay within the large home and/or the guesthouse, which sits just out back. A well-designed interior, with airy curtains, wood work, and plush seating make for a very cozy stay. A beautiful pool and nearly 1.5 acres of fully landscaped land surrounds the home, which is just minutes from the water.

* Available to rent for 2 to 6 weeks.

02 | New England Beach House, West Sussex, UK

This pristine shell-white beach house is not only inviting, but incredibly refreshing and well-considered. Situated on the beach with the most awe-inspiring sea views, this escape is ideal for those who enjoy a chic stay away, and can accommodate up to twelve people at one time. Inside, elegance abounds, with silk curtains, shutters, spa tubs, and plenty of cozy comforts. Vast decks, an enclosed, private garden, and outdoor dining areas allow for plenty of entertaining and fun.

* Available to rent—please contact for more information.

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

“There are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only a beginning.” —Gift From The Sea

03 | Great Gatsby Cottage, Rhode Island, US

A secluded shingle and stone cottage awaits, as you make your way along the long laneway, encompassed in beautiful trees and shrubs. The cottage is set toward the back side of Green Hill Pond/Beach, with lovely views of Block Island, this Rhode Island getaway accommodates eight. With a lovely interior complete with plenty of wicker, slip-covered seating, open dining, and grand windows, this cottage certainly qualifies as the perfect escape.

*Available to rent for a night, weekend, or weekly.

04 | Sea Side Cottages, Paternoster, S.Africa

Inspired by the quaint fisherman’s cottages of yesteryear, this charming and lovely cottage has been thoughtfully and carefully designed. A beautiful pool just outside, a lovely exterior with pink shutters, and stunning views welcome guests. Inside, refreshing, whitewashed interiors with plenty of open spaces invite one to enjoy the interior perhaps just as much as the beautiful beach. Lovely French style furnishings mix with flavours of island adventure for a calm and luxurious feel. And with special services such as bespoke catering, private butler services, helicopter rides, balloon safaris, and spa treatments, a stay at this fabulous cottage would certainly make for a memorable vacation.

* Available to rent by the day.

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

05 | Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Recently refurbished in 2011, this beautiful beach cottage is located close to the heart of Punta Del Este, known as the South American Cote d’Azur. The exterior is lovely and offers areas to cook, an infinity pool and plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of beaches and water. Indeed, living indoors and out intermingle beautifully, as the interior is certainly elegant, yet offers a casual, cozy, hospitable flair through the use of wood, artwork, color and stone walls. Truly exemplary.

* Available for rent—please contact for more information.

06 | Water Mill South, Southampton, US

A natural, gated oceanfront property awaits, and inside, visitors will discover a beach home of elegance, recently renovated. Decorated in soft tones of the sea, it is highly likely that one will feel rested as soon as they enter. With plenty of marble, silver and creamy tones, offset with stone, this open home is sure to delight even the most particular of guests. While staying, one can take advantage of the lovely pool and spa, water views, a sprawling dock for water activities, and plenty of space for entertaining.

* Available for weekly or a month at a time.

07 | Deer Island Holiday House, Deer Island, Canada

Suspended over the glistening waters, this warm and light beach house exudes serenity. With its vast decks, [and some covered] wharf and windows, guests instantly feels as if they are a part of the water. Inside, guests can enjoy the luxury of an elevator, and beautiful vantage points and areas of relaxation. A sunny solarium and open concept living area allow for full day enjoyment of the outdoors. Crisp whites, beautiful chandeliers and touches of comfort make for a wonderful stay.

* Available to rent for a night, weekend, or weekly.

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

08 | The Angmering Beach House, West Sussex, UK

This inviting beach house, above, is a wonderful and eclectic mixture of style—masculine leather seats and rustic wood, gilded mirrors, pristine and clean modern surfaces, and all-white, romantic spaces—a curious mix that is both surprising and enticing. Originally, this home was the Club House and Lido for the famous Angmering-on-Sea Country Club. Today, it is open to guests, offering accommodations for up to sixteen people at one time. Amazing panoramic sea views can be seen from many vantage points inside. Truly a luxurious and stunning home.

* Available to rent—please contact for more information.

{p.s.} and one last, though not a separate cottage, a lovely Salt Spring Island getaway . . .

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

{what to pack}

Before setting off, be sure to pack plenty of light and breezy pieces that offer ease and comfort for the daytime, be it lounging, walking, bicycling and the like. For the evenings, a few beautiful dresses or elegant separates [plus a little shawl] would be most ideal for dining, dancing and get-togethers on the water. Additionally, be sure to include your favorite beachwear, plenty of sunblock and a tote or two for towels, books, magazines, etc. . . . and perhaps a little jar for your new-found treasures in the sand . . .

{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

{a few additional lovely things for inspiration}

* Some of the most incredible works of art created with shells from Christa’s South Seashells
* A chic leather-trimmed woven raffia tote that would be the ideal beach companion
* A pretty makeup set for the beach lover [travel sized] * From Hudson Beach Glass: beautiful bowls, glasses and trays
* A statement coral ring and a bronzed pearl necklace
* Ricky Lauren’s “The Hamptons” which highlights the lifestyle and beauty of The Hamptons
* From Lalique, a striking seahorse lamp


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{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

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{take me away № 32 | the best beach cottages to stay around the world}

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