{on the dressing table : a myriad of beauty oils}


{on the dressing table : a myriad of beauty oils}

. . . all winter long, the dressing table has been strewn with every kind of beauty oils imaginable — elixirs for perfect skin, hair serums and body potions — and since they work so beautifully and have become a fixture in the beauty regiment, shall continue through the summer — and always, adding a few luxurious body shimmers to the mix for bare shoulders and legs and collarbones; despite the age-old belief that oils cause oily skin or breakouts, the opposite is actually true — stripping away oils from the face can cause the skin to produce more oil, whereas adding oils — argan, coconut, etc., does not; in fact, so in love with beauty oils, have also recently picked up an enormous container of raw organic virgin coconut oil from a health food shop to try as a body moisturizer, eye makeup remover, and even to tame the ends of tousled hair, and sarah has wondered about the possibility of grape seed oil for the face [although not quite certain about that one!] — would love to know — do you use beauty oils, and if so, which ones are your current favourites?

above, a few of mine : nude skin care cleansing facial oil [& here] /// rodin olio lusso /// rms raw coconut cream /// rodin olio lusso luxury hair oil /// nuxe huile prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil /// moroccanoil [& here] /// omorovicza gold shimmer oil /// nars body glow /// nuxe huile prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil golden shimmer /// nars manoi body ii /// rodin olio lusso luxury body oil /// bobbi brown beach body oil

{p.s.} have also tried the clarins blue orchid face treatment oil, and it’s lovely

other essential beauty oils not shown :

FACE : sundari essential oil for oily skin /// bobbi brown extra face oil /// philosophy when hope is not enough omega 3 6 9 replenishing oil /// by terry huile de rose firming-lift nutri-regenerating oil /// nars make-up cleansing oil /// shu uemura high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula /// jurlique skin balancing face oil

BODY : jurlique body oil lavender /// clarins relax body treatment oil /// bobbi brown shimmering fragrance oil /// dr. hauschka skin care body oil, rose /// sisley-paris golden dry oil /// le labo oud 27 oil /// kiehl’s superbly restorative argan dry oil ///

HAIR : shu uemura cleansing oil shampoo /// kiehl’s olive fruit oil nourishing shampoo & conditioner /// alterna bamboo smooth kendi dry oil mist /// morrocanoil glimmer shine finishing spray

{and one last thing:} previous items on the dressing table

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  • Jules said...

    I have experimented extensively with a variety of skin and hair products, often with disappointing results as my complexion is fair and sensitive. Recently I have begun to use organic virgin olive oil as a moisturizer for my face after cleansing and it is wonderful. I tend to only use it at night as I find it a rather slippery base for makeup if I use it in the morning…but the high vitamin E contents and slight golden color reduce redness in my skin and repair sun damage like a dream come true <3

  • Anonymous said...

    Have been using pure coconut oil on my skin every night for the past couple months. My skin feels amazing and looks fresh! I also take 2 tablespoons a day in my coffee. Surprisingly when I put the oil on my face at night it absorbs very quickly and i wake up with smooth skin and has not had any pore clogging effects, in fact just the opposite……

  • Anonymous said...

    I like the oils I make with my own hands, nothing can beat them! I’m constantly doing research about natural ingredients and their benefits, from vegetable oils and butters to herbs and essential oils, so, I like to craft my whole beauty routine and luxurious herb-infused oils based on what I learned and what my skin and hair need.

    By the way, it’s incredible that being so many incredibly crafted, TRULY natural and organic oils from truly natural brands out there, you picked surely synthetic stuff from Nars, Bobbi, Brown, Moroccanoil, Clarins, Shu Uemura, Sisley, By Terry, Kiehl’s. What? Rodin is just an overpriced oil when the ingredients inside are quite cheap actually. Nude, Nuxe, Jurlique and Omorovicza are brands that though they say are natural brands, is the least they are, so you can be assured they oils are not.
    The only real deal of your list are RMS Coconut Oil and Dr. Hauschka.

    I’ll recommend you some oils that you must try because they’re of a great quality, and I mean great, they’re in every detail, only certified organic ingredients, fair trade certified ingredients, oils sourced from their place of origin (not China), never refined, filtered, processed, heated (just what most do with coconut oil, a process that kills all the nutrients of the oils) oils, only pure, concentrated stuff, freshly-made products, not mass-made products, then stored in some awful place, and all that kind of stuff that make your super-expensive, high-branded oils of a terrible quality.

    – Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend
    – Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex
    – Weleda Baby Calendula Oil
    – Acure Organics Marula Oil
    – Acure Organics Argan Oil
    – Suti Nourish Organic Face Oil for Night
    – Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil
    – MV Organic Skincare Rose Plus
    – Blissoma Solutions Restore Deep Moisture Oil Serum
    – Vered Organic Botanicals Anti-Aging Face Treatment Oil
    – Vered Organic Botanicals Rosewood Neroli Body Oil
    – Vered Organic Botanicals Signature Scent Body Oil
    – Vered Organic Botanicals Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment
    – Naturallogic Pro-Vitamin Serum
    – Naturallogic Superfruit Serum
    – Naturallogic Revitaleyes Eye Serum
    and, the most awesome and luxurious (and I mean luxurious because of quality and ingredients, not brand) oils I’ve ever tried are
    Intelligent Nutrients Harmonically Made Jasmine Total Body Elixir and Harmonically Made Jasminas
    Oh, and grapeseed is a great oil, it’s true, is astringent and perfect for all skin types, but also, is a fantastic antioxidant, much better and powerful than other oils and it supposedly helps with collagen renewal. Try organic to not have to infuse additional pesticides and herbicides to your skin.

    You should reconsider switching all those fake oils you have for something real and better, you’ll be surprised!

    Love, love, love your blog by the way, I always read it.

  • Anonymous said...

    I agree with Alie…Moroccan Oil is very artificial and mostly made of silicone (basically plastic), which is not great for hair. It feels like it’s making your hair healthy because the silicone makes it slippery, but the hair doesn’t actually absorb any moisture.
    I prefer to use natural oil products like straight up jojoba or argan in my hair. I also tried jojoba on my skin and it looked great at first, but ended up breaking me out. I can see how it would be great for someone with drier skin though.
    I will also say that the number one thing that has made a difference for me in the health of my hair was switching to products that are sulfate, silicone and paraben free. They don’t strip your hair and create a buildup of product.

  • love the products but too expensive for me right now..

  • Grapeseed oil is fantastic for the face and works fabulously as an eye serum blended with a bit of lavender essential oil. Great for oily skin types especially as it is considered a dry oil with astringent qualities. Adore your blog.

  • Hello, Roseline! I was just given a sample of Josie Maran Argan Oil and was very impressed with the results. I recommend it.

    Have a beautiful day,

  • Anonymous said...

    Oh I also tried grapeseed oil for the face, I remember my skin looked fantastic! Its supposed to be full of antioxidants cant seem to remember the brand but so long as its lightweight and meant for the face go for it

  • Anonymous said...

    Ive tried Weleda Birch body oil which I really loved,and an aromatherapy one with lavender and rose. Also a lot of natural oils like almond and aragan. Next is Nuxe :) Do you know where I can find olio lusso in London? Thanks!

  • My sister’s wedding hair dresser told us that moroccan oil is full of synthetic proteins and that if you use for too long will cause your hair to snap! Haven’t researched the veracity of this but something to consider. I was a devotee of Argan oil back in 2006 (pre its cult status) during pregnancy as was only thing able to calm my itching skin – my sister was living in Morocco at time. I also used in my hair and loved it. Bought Moroccan oil after hearing all the hype but personally was not at all impressed. And of course when I then checked, the ingredient list is very far from pure Argan oil. Love your blog!

  • Love the Rodin oils!

  • I use coconut oil for my hair- especially at the tip, it moisturizes them and protects while styling. It’s also a great under – eye cream. For body my favourite is argan oil- I use it after shower, and now every morning- it gives my legs that healthy glow.
    p.s. I love your blog;-)

  • Have you tried Lierac Sensorielle? It has the most lovely scent, and feels so luxurious on my skin and hair. Supposedly you can also add a few drops to your bath, but I have yet to try that. Sometimes I use a bit of jojoba oil in place of moisturizer right after I shower, it refines my pores and smooths out my skin. Argan oil is a favorite as well, I use the one from 100% Pure, but I think Josie Maran does one.

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Rodin Olio Lusso, as well as NUXE. Will add them to my to-try list :)

  • Hello, I hope you are well! I simply cannot live without Moroccan oil…almost worried that my hair is dependent on it now. But I don’t care, it works wonders for me! :) I’m excited to check out the rest of these…


  • Carmel said...

    This is a rather timely post. I used to use Coconut Oil from The Body Shop as a fragrance but they discontinued it in 2010 and I’m about to run out. Everyone adores this and it’s kind of become my “signature” so I am on the hunt for a replacement.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?? Would be so grateful if you did.
    Clarins toning body oil is great on the legs. Massage onto dry skin from the feet up and then rinse off in the shower. Heavenly.

  • Just last year I too started adding moroccan oil to my hair washing routine. I have also looked into adding the coconut oil to my Summer beauty regimen…I am glad I was not alone on this thought…sometimes I wonder where I read these things
    Have a wonderful rest of the week

  • Such a fun post! I want that NARS shimmer!

  • I tried using olive oil on my face for a while, but my face didn’t like it too much. :( But those bronzing body oils look fantastic, and just what you need to get that summery glow!
    Beautiful post!

  • marissa — thank you! so lovely of you to say, and yes, shall have to try the weleda, as you’re the second to mention x

  • Kate said...

    An absolutely beautiful selection! I’ve been meaning to buy Argan oil for my hair! xo

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • I use body and hair oil all summer long! One that I love that is not pictured about is Carita from Paris’s Fluid 14 (I have both the regular and the shimmery version similar to Nars). It has such a great fresh scent :)

    Great post!

  • Anonymous said...

    Love the question & love the site – I make my own rosehip (base oil), ylang ylang, seabuckthorn, jasmine. I smell good & glimmer from head to toe


  • Marissa said...


    What a lovely blog you have! I have had great success with Weleda almond soothing facial oil.

    Warm regards,


  • cate christison — thanks so much xo

  • anonymous — thank you! always happy when typos are pointed out so that they can be fixed, although with this case, it is an ongoing argument with some, but apparently experts agree that both ways are fine, as the word has come to be used as both a noun and an adjective, although, if we were to be one hundred percent accurate, it might be best to say “a few” or “numerous” as there are many, but less than ten thousand beauty oils referenced here :)

    see :


  • Being fragrance sensitive, I stick to my favorite and faithful……….Jo Malone 154. It is my daily shower must-have. Oh, and Moroccan Oil for my hair. XO

  • Anonymous said...

    typo — not “a myriad of beauty oils” but “myriad beauty oils”

    bobbi brown beach oil is amazing!

  • moroccan oil is my absolute favorite! love your blog so much.



  • I’m with Nisha above, I actually uses Bajaj’s almond oil once a week to massage my scalp and coconut oil for my roots. I’ve been doing it for years and with dance [all the tight top buns and hairspray] my hair has been well protected and has some incredibly growth!

    I actually bought Bobbi Brown’s beach for my mom for mother’s day!

  • nice. didn’t know any of the ones mentioned here.
    i use Parachute’s coconut oil and Bajaj’s almond oil (Indian brands) to massage my scalp, it’s good for the hair.
    i don’t use any special beauty oils. though i do use the warming oils from Love Notes for body massage – in white ginger, vanilla bean, and pomegranate.

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