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{great love stories № 02 | nacho figueras & delfina blaquier}


l o v ea t  f i r s t  s i g h t :

An instantaneous attraction to someone or something.
A fleeting glance, a coy smile, a beguiling first encounter — a modern fairytale in the making.

nacho-7above, photography by delfina, who, once a model, also enjoys being behind the camera

A dashing young polo player with rugged good looks and a beyond charming smile; a striking young model, with golden hair & a doe-eyed stare. It’s the Argentine Open– the debonair young sportsman is riding off the field for a half time break & the elegant young lady is chatting quietly with friends. Their eyes lock, but for a split second, & there is no denying it, it was immediate.nacho-9
Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?

— Christopher Marlowe

The story of how Nacho Figueras met his beautiful wife, Delfina Blaquier, is his favourite to tell.

It was love at first sight.


That day on the polo field, Nacho knew that Delfina was the woman he was going to marry. However, being a traditional young man, and despite their instant attraction, he knew he must woo her properly.

The story of how her dashing young suitor would come each night to serenade her is Delfina’s (or Delfi, as she is known) favourite story to tell. Nacho worked on a ranch almost two hours from where Delfi lived. Each night after finishing a hard day’s work, Nacho would drive the long drive to Delfi’s family home,where they would sit on the front porch while he played his guitar for her for only a short while, then drive home.

An intimate wedding ceremony followed in 2004, and since, their love has only blossomed further. Most notably, the charming couple starred in Ralph Lauren’s Romance campaign [top, above and below; also, a video] in 2011, aptly titled ‘A Love Story’.

The commercial & photographs were shot on location at Estancia La Concepción, Delfi’s family ranch in Buenos Aires. The deeply intimate campaign features the pair riding horses bareback through a golden field, dancing in evening attire under a hundred year old tree, and countless photographs of the couple and their family . . .


Nacho and Delfi now have three young children, Hilario, Aurora and Artemio; the family travels the world together, as Nacho still competes in polo matches [he is one of the top players in the world]. Their home is situated on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, surrounded by hundreds of fields, perfect for playing polo, or romantic picnics . . .


Each summer, the family heads to the Hamptons, tending to their horses, exploring the exquisite countryside, and spending sun-kissed days on the golden beaches.



This modern day love story is still in motion, still flourishing and thriving. It may well have been ‘love at first sight’, as Nacho describes, but there is no denying that abundant acts of hopeless romance and their obvious adoration for each other has kept this love intense every sight after the first . . .


[images: photography by bruce weber, ralph lauren romance ad campaign via richy leeson /// photography by delfna blaquier /// photography by bruce weber, ralph lauren romance ad campaign via one / two / three /// avenue insider /// marc jacobs collection front row spring 2012 /// the fashion spot /// photography by bruce weber, ralph lauren romance ad campaign via richy leeson /// photography by bruce weber, ralph lauren romance ad campaign via richy leeson /// photography by bruce weber, ralph lauren romance ad campaign via shopping blog /// wdw /// elle decor /// luxist /// sassisam]

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  • Anonymous said...

    The true story was that Delfina had her first son in January 2000 and they were separated at that time; they met again one or two years later and then married in 2004


  • Beautifull love story. Can’t believe it is happening in our times!

  • such a beautiful couple!

  • What a wonderful post! The story was such a pleasure to read. I especially enjoyed: “being a traditional young man, and despite their instant attraction, he knew he must woo her properly.” —gentlemen like this, and love stories like this are wonderful to see! Well done, and such fabulous images to accompany the article. The equestrian ones are my favorite of all, especially the second to last image—you can almost hear them laughing :)


  • What a gorgeous family — and a romantic and warm story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! Great story. They are a beautiful family.

  • Wow, this is such a great post!

  • helen tilson — how wonderful that you had a chance to meet him! & even better looking in person? be still my heart x

  • Hey, i’m a new follower. Loved your blog, such a cuuuute place!

  • Wow, I´m from Argentina, and I love Delfina, she looks today as gorgeous as ever…it must be love!
    Gorgeous story, I´m a hopeless romantic!
    I hope you enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend with your nearest and dearest!
    Big hugs!

  • Beautiful, What a great story, I’m such a hopeless romantic and love this.

  • could they be any more perfect?!?! nope, i think not! absolutely amazing photos :) xx,
    The Golden Girls

  • I love these pictures!!!

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I had the pleasure of meeting Nachos at Polo in Toronto last Summer and I can say he is even better looking in person.

    His wife is lovely too and those children are precious.

    Helen xx

  • loved this story! they are such a beautiful couple. hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, darling! xo

  • Wow, these two are just beautiful! Such a wonderful couple. x

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    Hav e anise weekend.

  • Love the first image and that you finish with the same at the end – it’s a great story! They look wonderful together.

  • Aw this is so sweet. I can’t help but gush over them and their sweet family.

  • Have always thought the Ralph Lauren ad campaign to be utterly romantic. Silly me, I had no idea they are actually a couple! Lovely, lovely post…

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