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{style inspiration: glitter ankle boots + how to}



. . . nearly always prefer tall leather boots or a pair of heels to ankle boots, that is, of course, unless the ankle boots in question were suede and sprinkled in shimmery, glittery gold dust, which changes everything . . .

{p.s.} the pair [above] is from barneys, but if you’re in a creative mood with a extra little time on your hands, you could create your own:

y o u w i l l n e e d :

a pair of ankle boots
gold glitter
craft glue / permanent fabric glue


s t e p o n e
find a pair of ankle boots for glittering — new, or something you already own?

s t e p t w o
pick up gold glitter & craft glue; there were two kinds of glitter used here, one larger, and one smaller to fill in any extra spaces; the glue used was a permanent fabric glue, but other types, [for example, craft], may work as well

s t e p t h r e e
add the glue directly to the part of the first boot that you want to be glittered, using a brush to smooth out

s t e p f o u r
tidy up the edges by scratching off dried glitter and glue that’s in the wrong place

s t e p f i v e
& it is as simple as that; pair with your favourite pair of skinny jeans or a short flirty dress and you’re ready to traipse about town awash in golden shimmer . . .


{p.s.} more detailed instructions here

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{top image, andrea linett‘s boots photographed the style crusader, discovered via ~laura~; all other images & diy inspiration via le | fanciulle, discovered via a pair & a spare}

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