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“At the ballet, you really feel like you’re in the presence of something outside the rest of your life. Higher than the rest of your life. “

~ Robert Caro

. . . there are some things that are so heartbreakingly beautiful, they cause one’s breath to catch — the sad and longing strains of an opera, the moon on a midsummer’s night, the rose gardens after a rainfall, and of course, the ballet . . .

{p.s.} also new today: lovely little glimpses


{a cashmere affair, the yakobson dance studio in saint petersburg, russia, featuring local ballerinas for j.crew [here & here] via the terrier and the lobster}

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    The lighting, those cashmere sweaters, the elegant lines…
    Why does such beauty exist??
    If only I had continued my ballet training when I was young. Those days of dreaming of being a gorgeous ballerina, twirling on a stage and gracefully leaping through the air…
    Dreams dreams dreams.

    Just wow.


  • Lovely photos – makes me wish I still took ballet!

  • sweet pea (formerly alice) — sounds lovely! re: a season’s worth of ballet; and thank you for the suggestion — as you can see by the red cross links in the right sidebar, try to help in any way when there in times of crises, and shall look into adding a few more links this evening . . .


  • Beautiful pics!

  • I danced for years and I love these images. Ballet and pointe gave my feet a beating. I love dancers and admire the discipline of ballet.

  • cashmere + j.crew + tulle + ballerina buns = my dream outfit/style

    tres chic!

  • ira tishakova — yes, it’s in the credits :) this was a special shoot for j.crew’s cashmere sweaters, shot at the the yakobson dance studio in saint petersburg, russia, featuring local ballerinas


  • Gorgeous images!! As a former ballerina, I’m inspired to go take classes again. Love the cardigan over the tutu look.

  • pretty photos! great visual inspiration for rehearsal tonight! though, i don’t think i’ll be wearing a cable knit sweater :)

  • Such lovely photos – I love what the dancers are wearing!!! Makes me excited for fall!

  • I cannot get over these neutrals this season and IEEE them making their way into autumn.

  • absolutely beautiful.

  • Gorgeous Pictures! As a Russian Girl Im so proud to see this Images!)


  • Love this! I also really like ballet images, I took modern dance but always dreamed of doing ballet one day. The photos are glamorous ;)

    Circleof Design Fashion Illustration

  • beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  • So beautiful!!

    I’ve just treated myself to a seasons worth of ballet tickets. As a special birthday gift. Can’t wait!

    I feel like I need to do whatever I can to encourage bloggers to raise attention to Somalia. Over 3 million people are expected to die in the next weeks if they don’t start receiving aid. I know that it’s not topical to your blog but I know you have a large following and you could help greatly by having a link to the Red Cross or UN or whatever organization you prefer. Just a suggestion… have a great weekend!

  • I love these photos. But i never saw some1 in ballet class dressing sweater :-)(not in Russia for sure) Is it special for shotting?

  • so so beautiful. i’m a sucker for ballet images and these are certainly no exception.
    thank you for sharing and have a fabulous weekend!
    xx, kait

  • Amazing! As a former dancer, these make me want to put my toe shoes on and take a spin.

  • Gosh! so graceful and pretty

  • I love these images!

  • I love these :) I write a ballet blog and added the quote on the side, that’s exactly how I feel about it :) there has been so much ballet in the media lately, Black Swan and dancers on the pages of UK Vogue… also, I’m sure you’d love the ballerina project photographs by Dane Shitagi, they are gorgeous! Thanks for a lovely post & blog :)


  • I LOVE these photos!!!! makes me want to put on my ballet shoes, again!

  • Lovely. I’ve always wished to go back to that moment when I decided not to do ballet anymore… and change my mind.

    ♥ sécia

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