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{how to: braided brass hex nut bracelet}



. . . have always adored bracelets — gold, silver, sequined, leather, or extravagantly adorned with diamonds or swarovski crystals, but never could imagine that a few things from the hardware store — a little twine and a few brass nuts — could be transformed into such a stunningly elegant and impossibly chic fashion accessory . . .


{you will need:}
3 strands of twine cut into one yard pieces, 18 small brass hex nuts



1. gather the 3 strands of twine and tie a knot at the top, leaving about two inches of slack

2. start braiding

3. at about an inch of the way down, you’ll begin braiding in the nuts

4. before you braid the far left strand over the middle strand, thread on a nut, push it against the base of the braid, and crossover; depending on the thickness of the twine, you can wrap tape around the bottom tips to prevent the twine from fraying


5. keep your thumb at the base of the braid, holding the nut in its place

before you braid the far right strand over the middle, thread on another nut, push it against the base of the braid and crossover

again, hold your thumb tightly against the base of the braid, keeping the nuts in place

thread another nut onto the far left piece and crossover


9. repeat the steps, by threading the rest of the nuts to the outer pieces of twine before they are crossed over

10 & 11. thread, cross, thread, cross

12. finish the bracelet with another inch of braided twine and a knot


the bracelet should wrap around your wrist at least two or three times; trim it to your liking


mix with silver and crystal for a rock ‘n refined look and you’re set xo


{all images & instructions (with edits) from honestly . . . wtf via refinery 29; layouts by this is glamorous}

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