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. . . if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know about a certain fondness for glimpses of the vacation shots of others {paris: one two three, bella italia}, and while this afternoon may have been a flurry of speeding along busy highways, still unpacked carryalls and a million unanswered e-mails, everything seemed to fall away at the sight of perfectly ornate domes, venetian mirrors and chandeliers, soft and pretty pastels and the palest pink roses in marvelous madrid . . .

{all images by alix of the cherry blossom girl}

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  • I live here, and sometimes I forget how beautiful it is, thanks for reminding me!

  • Anonymous said...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Madrid! It has everything a city should have… and more! It’s the most exciting, fascinating place! <3 Just like I think everyone should go to Paris once in their life, everyone should make some time for Madrid as well =)

  • So glam! I’ve never seen Madrid quite like this — gorgeous!

  • That first photo is just stunning. Great post!

  • Just breathtaking, all of them. Wow, that dome is so beautiful! xo

  • Anonymous said...

    Living here now as a university student from Los Angeles. It is an absolutely stunning city. Every day as I’m walking around (especially through the fashion district, which is on my route from home to school!), I feel as though I’m in a movie. It’s a city full of shiny red vespas, fabulously dressed locals, plazas, fountains, gardens, waiters in bowties. I’m in heaven!! You captured it beautifully with these shots!

  • These are such gorgeous images! I want to step inside the photos… ;)

  • Charo said...

    Greetings from Madrid! Living here sometimes I forget how nice this city can be :) Thanks for the post!

  • This post is stunning!! That is all ♥

  • I love the Cherry Blossom Girl blog! These photos are so you, R;) No wonder you love them!

  • Madrid is the best! I had such a blast when I was there.

  • Oh I so love Madrid! We went there for our honeymoon, and used that as stomping grounds for going other places in Spain as well. Love it, thanks for this reminder!

  • Absolutely stunning images!
    Thank you for sharing.

  • thanks for showing the world that in Spain there glamor. A spanish girl from Barcelona

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