the windy city : lost in love & chicago


the windy city : lost in love & chicago

While it may be true that shall never tire of Paris or the south of France, always ready for new adventures and sometimes fun to go somewhere completely different, and on the last long weekend of the summer: The Windy City . . .

the windy city : lost in love & chicago
the windy city : lost in love & chicago

. . . despite there being not much use outside the hotel lobby for gold strappy heels, sequined jackets, and silk and linen dresses — all of the things in my carrying cases — there were, happily, fresh lake breezes and miles of beaches, afternoon boat rides and expansive parks, marble fountains, and art and architecture . . .

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

cloud gate, outdoor sculpture by british artist anish kapoor

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

endless summer, navy pier

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

toasted coconut & strawberry marshmallows

the windy city : lost in love & chicago


the windy city : lost in love & chicago

frank gehry-designed jay pritzker pavilion in millennium park

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

cocktails + view from the ninety-sixth floor

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

the modern wing of the art institute of chicago, designed by pritzker prize–winning architect renzo piano, whose work includes the centre georges pompidou in paris; the art institute’s impressionist & postimpressionist collection is considered the most important outside of france

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

buckingham fountain, made of pink marble and modeled by edward bennett after the latona basin at versailles

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

afternoon on the water

the windy city : lost in love & chicago

{and afterall:} pink cotton candy, afternoons along the beach and on the water, a late-summer picnic, sipping champagne in the courtyard of the art institute by moonlight — and especially — all the time in the world together on the last long weekend of the summer . . .

{images: 6, 12, 13 – this is glamorous; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14 – p for this is glamorous; 10 – via renzo piano}

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  • Oh I love Chicago! Have been thinking about moving away but the dusk picture especially, from the CTA platform, just makes my heart ache, its so pretty, and holds so many memories of warm summer evenings running around the city. It’s true we are a pretty casual city, and it was so funny to hear it as I keep blogging about how hard it is for me to find occasions to dress up as much as I’d like to. It sounds like you photo-edit to give the rosy, hazy tint to your pictures, no? They’re beautiful, anyway.

  • Oh! I lived in Chicago for several years. Your pictures make me want to visit the city again. :) Thanks for sharing!

  • sorry gave you the wrong link. the link of elysian hotel is this one

  • Oh how i miss chicago. It is a pretty city and romantic as well. *sigh* next time you should visit Elysian hotel, The project I worked on for 4 years when I was still living there. It has my heart and soul in it. It took me 6 months to perfected the chandelier design alone at the lobby. Take a look of the photos
    hope u love it.

  • Oh it is so nice to see my current city featured so beautifully. You made me feel really lucky to be living here right now!


  • Your pics are lovely and glamorous!

  • Absolutely beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing x

  • Julia – definitely at your doorstep + such wonders, indeed :)

    Lecia – thank you! was fun to tweet on location xo

    Liz – thanks so much – the ninety-sixth floor was in the John Hancock building and well worth it if you’re passing through – the view is spectacular!

    MP – thank you + welcome – so glad you found your way here!

    Katherine – so much more :)

    Carrie – thanks so much! can not take all the credit – the charming BF played a large part – cameras used were the Canon G9 + Canon 40D . . .

    Kate – your comment is my new all-time favourite

    Diana – thanks for the link – shall check out your photos as well; cameras used were the Canon G9 + Canon 40D

    Easy and Elegant – it’s a nostalgic, soft-focused, lilac-infused world

    Franki – definitely — and yes, made it to the Merchandise Mart – was a fun-filled weekend + unfortunately not enough space and time to include all the photos . . . as for a fashion emergency, did not need much incentive to buy new, more appropriate things to wear on the Magnificent Mile, especially since it was an absolute necessity!; and as for property, you would do very well with a place on the Gold Coast – real estate is amazingly inexpensive in Chicago at the moment . . .

  • Isn’t Chicago amazing? We are toying with the idea of getting a property there on the Gold Coast for when we visit. It’s such a bustling, thriving city and there is an undeniably lively downtown (unlike most other metropolitan areas where the business class goes to the suburbs at night).

    It looks like you sampled some of Chicago’s many fine offerings! You’ll definitely want to hit up the Merchandise Mart next time – interior design’s answer to the fashion district. FABULOUS. Especially when there is an international event in town.

    True, our strappy shoes and frilly skirts may not work in the windy city, but there are many shops along the Magnificent Mile for buying something new. You know…since it’s a fashion emergency ;)


  • Wow, I LOVE ‘Cloud Gate’. Fantastic piece! I missed this post when it first went up… how did I miss it? Oh that is gorgeous. Thank you. What inspiration….

  • So much fabulousness in one post. I feel like I’ve taken a vacation of my own after that! Love it.

    Have a marvelous weekend, darling.


  • You know TIG, when you put it that way… (I love to see the world through your eyes.)

  • Oh and if you don’t mind me asking – what kind of camera did you use to get such dreamy photos???

  • I just recently got back from Chicago too and snapped some photos with the Diana Mini camera –

    Fun city!

  • these photos are just so beautiful!! i love the dusky, lilac feel of them…they’re more beautiful than i remember chicago being!!

  • These beautiful shots definitely made me homesick…

  • You take freaking amazing photos!!! What kind of camera are you using? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. xo, Carrie

  • wow. great photos. great city… so so far away

  • What a fabulous and {glamorous} trip! Chicago is so much more than Oprah, O’Hare and deep dish pizza!

  • I just found your blog and the photos are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing such great things!

  • Liz said...

    LOVE the photos and your ability to capture the mood of city. I was just wondering where you had drinks on the ninety-sixth floor or if you have any other suggestions on where to grab a drink. I will be passing through Chicago in October and would love any recommendations.


  • stunning! that lobby looks so elegant.

  • I am from Chicago and just loved seeing such lovely glimpse of it!

  • beautiful photos! xo

  • ahhh, lovely photos, thanks!

  • These pictures are amazing!! Makes me want to jump on a plane tomorrow:) xx

  • Amazing images! Particularly fun to see after reading your ‘tweets’ about the trip already. xo

  • Absolutely stunning; the hotel looks spectacular.

  • Makes me want to go visit the Windy City again.

    Beautiful photos!

  • incredible images.

  • You make it not only look, but sound absolutely divine. Who knew I had such wonders at my door step–well, it’s two hours away, but that still counts as your door step, right?

  • Beautiful photos. I really like the reflection in the sculpture and the light in the railway platform one.

  • Cassandra – thank you! am a little crazy when it comes to packing – sequins always somehow make their way into the suitcases, as well as far too many pairs of inappropriate footwear :) But yes — a beautiful city — if you do go, definitely sprinkle a few sequins here and there

    KarenB – spent much time on the Magnificent Mile and in great restaurants – did so much more than the photos show — and yes, definitely could have filled a week + the gardens are definitely amazing! Shall have to return to pick up where we left off . . .

  • Thanks for these beautiful photos. I moved away from the Chicago area four years ago to SoCal. It’s such a beautiful city with SO much to see and do. With all that you saw, you didn’t even mention The Magnificent Mile or any of the amazing restaurants. You could’ve easily filled up a week. Aren’t the gardens amazing? I used to go to the Art Institute’s final student fashion show every year. One year I took the underground tour. Of course, I lived there 7 years and didn’t see it all. I think you picked the perfect time to go.

  • fantastic photos!! i love how you captured the city… i’ve been dying to go, and i think you and i have the same point of view, so it’s nice to know that i *might* be able to get away with a few sequins here or there ;)

  • Hello Felicity! Am always wearing rose-coloured glasses :) You’re lovely for saying so — thanks so much! — had thought we might have over-hyped it with the drama and long waits, but hopefully it’s okay . . .

    As for sequins and strappy sandals, am still very much a Paris-New-York-London kind of girl – Chicago was very casual, so sequins were a bit much, although did still wear them to dinner one night! There’s a lovely arts and culture side, but there’s also a very sporty cheeseburger-loving side :)

    The Art Institute was amazing – was so lovely to see many of my favourite works by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, etc., especially since the last time saw impressionist and postimpressionist works was in Paris.

    All in all a lovely trip, although we normally have fun anywhere we go together!

    Much, much love,

  • Ally Redhead + Sarah Klassen – the marshmallows were found in a wonderful grocery shop that had gourmet food from around the world, including honey from Brooklyn :) The Butter marshmallows were so beautifully packaged – shall have to visit the store the next time we’re in Vancouver

    Theresa und Eva-Maria – such a lovely comment –thanks so much! Will let P. know, since he took most of the shots :)

    Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping in to say hello — it was a fun trip, especially since it was our first time — so much green for a city, not to mention the water. Had perfect summer weather . . .

    Hope you’re having a great week {can hardly believe it’s Thursday already},

  • OOO the cloud installation is so awesome. I love it all over again every time I see it.


  • Was just in Chicago last weekend for a wedding and also stayed at The Palmer House… we had gorgeous weather and a wonderful time! Even got to wore strappy sandals outside as the wedding was black tie!

  • I’m so glad you had a lovely trip! You definitely captured the charm of Chicago :) And I can’t believe I live here & haven’t been to Butter- will need to remedy that straight away!

  • I love Chicago! This makes me want to visit again this coming weekend!

  • I LOVE LOVE love your shots! Especially the colours are marvellous. Makes me want to go to Chicago one day!

  • wow, the lobby’s so gorgeous!

  • oh lovely! i particularly like the photograph taken and dusk.

  • FXOX said...

    Dear R,

    the post is beautiful elegant and stream line. Love the silver with slight pinkish tinge to it all – as tho you’re wearing lovely rose coloured glasses.

    Definitely worth waiting for.

    Favorites are the Ferris wheel, afternoon on the water and cloud sculpture.

    PS – divine hotel lobby btw and I’m sure you got to wear the gold strappy sandals and sequins at some stage:-).

    hugs and much love and definitely my favorite post this month.

    Hugs smiles and much love


  • beautiful images – I want to go to NYC!

  • Lovely! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and memories :) It looked like the perfect break ~

    * Also, about Butter, the original location is actually here, about 30 min. from me! I can honestly say it is such a sweet place, and that the gingerbread marshmallows are so divine! (available around Christmas time) My favorite is also their peanut butter balls – authentic peanut butter, covered in chocolate and finished off with a light cocoa powder. I bet you would love them!


  • So excited to see marshmallows from Butter! It’s an amazing bakery here in my hometown of Vancouver! They really are delish!

  • Oh – so exciting – I have been itching for a weekend gettaway – and it’s usually a jaunt to NYC – but this time I think Chicago.

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