{give-away: 14k rose gold earrings}


You may already know of Brooklyn-based Jezebel‘s whimsical line of stationery, and along with letterpress, totes and tee’s, there is also a lovely line of jewelry . . .

Completely thrilled to announce this week’s give-away — a pair of rose gold ant stud earrings! Part of Jezebel‘s new collection of fine jewelry, these charming earrings are made of 14k rose gold with 10k yellow gold posts and measure approximately 1/2 inch.

To enter, simply {click here} to visit the jezebel website, then leave a comment below.

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

Recent press for Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel:
* New York Magazine & also here * Refinery29 * design*sponge

* One lovely reader will be randomly selected on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. If you do not have a blog or a contact e-mail on your blog, please leave it in the comments section.

152 Notes
  • Surreal, very Salavdor Dali.

  • Very pretty!

  • I would love to see those lovelies dancing above my shoulders. Thanks for running this!!

  • oops! i didn’t leave my contact info: seemashahnelson(at)gmail.com

  • i love rose gold ANYTHING!


  • Very classic, even the ant jewelry has an innocent and nostalgic feeling.

  • what beautiful & creative work! love it.

    ps – great blog!

  • Ali – thank you :)

    Gem Gossip – thank you – will check it out

    east side bride – they really would compliment your wedding china!

    owen says – beautifully put, and so true

    Nikella – thanks for the lovely thought :)

    ** pame – am a little speechless by your lovely, thoughtful comment – thanks so much, and delighted that your search for ‘glamor’ has lead you here :) Good luck with your exams!

    Rachel Boekel – also glad you found your way here :)

    Cailey & Devon – thank you!

  • Yeah! Jezebel is the real deal, an original article if ever there was one. She’s got the style and the piles of books to prove it! I want those earrings!

  • Super excellent stuff there at Jezebel. Enter me!

  • Aurora said...

    Oh I would love these! A pretty version of something creepy crawly.
    avrorichka at hotmail dot com.

  • Anonymous said...

    super cute!!
    perfect for a spring picnic!
    Please enter me!

  • Lovely ants just like the ones that come in when it rains … although I have a feeling I’ll like these ants a whole lot more… even crawling around my bathroom.

    plus you have to love a site that says hello gin drinkers… How ever did you know?

  • Thanks for sharing this new site! (well, new to me at least!) Love the earrings. Please enter me in the giveaway!!


  • MAGICAL cards. Delightful trinkets. A new favorite.

  • aww–leigh is sucha sweetie and love all of her stuff, especially her ants (and the title of the collection!~!)

  • i’m a bit obsessive with the scorpion ring i already have.. i’m thinking this would compliment it perfectly :)

  • stunning wee cuties, loving the blog and my ears would love ants in ’em….

  • Thanks so much for the giveaway – I’d love to win!

  • i adore how jezebel’s work is beautiful and whimsical, but has a sense of humor. love them – fingers crossed! thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • i adore how jezebel’s work is beautiful and whimsical, but has a sense of humor! love them, and am crossing my fingers. thanks for the giveaway!

  • so eclectic and luxe! love them.

  • Anonymous said...

    the perfect amount of whimsy! <3 <3 <3 them and “this is glamorous”

    [email protected]

  • We would love to be entered in your contest! We adore your blog and love seeing what is glamerous!
    Karla & Karrie

  • Ahhhh! Everything is so beautiful on this site. I adore it all!

  • How very lovely! I love the idea of making something beautiful that celebrates little creatures that we always overlook. Beautiful.

  • I love stumbling on new sites in the endless world of blogging and portholes, I’m glad I found yours and saw the gorgeous ants. Jezebels work is beautiful!

  • Ack! Those are so sweet! My fiance has issues with ants, but I admire their determination and work ethic!

  • The sweetest little earrings. I’d love to wear them on a picnic.

  • Those are stunning! I simply adore rose gold.

  • mridu said...

    hoping for some luck because I think they are just beautiful What a clever person Jezebel is. I’ve given birth to a bibliophile as well.

    [email protected]

  • Different. I’m especially fond of the ring.

  • I love the earrings, and I reckon, between the totes and the tees, that a few birthday gifts have been sorted out early this year! Brava!

  • I would soooo take these earings on a picnic!
    Her blog was tantalizing…the silhouttes, the abc’s i didn’t know anyone else liked the word flotsam!

  • kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

    What an awesome shop, and great prize! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Oh, how kwl! Love love love them! I am praying to the gods of all things sartorial that they end up in my post box (or that I get a sudden influx of money and can get my own lol)



  • I came across this blog when I google-d the definition of ‘glamor’ because I was in the mood to enlighten my mood for the next exams and need to feel good about myself.
    I am stunned by how lovely and enriching this blog is and whats more, it leads me to a finding of jezebel. I am a huge lover of stationery and currently looking for a classic and unique cards. This is the answer to my searching.

    God bless you.

  • these would look amazing with my black diamond, rose gold engagement ring. fun, but not cute.

  • Sydney said...

    Ah!! Beautiful…

  • I need something by which to remember the ants in my old house…

  • Gorgeous earrings and I love that they are in rose gold—something a little different from white or yellow gold!

  • I hope I get picked! I would get such a kick out of wearing those earrings..
    Thanks “this is glamorous” for introducing me to something new over and over again.

  • I love her website! This is a very talented lady, to be able to create all those wonderful cards. Her jewelry is unique – these ants look so real! I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • oh my goodness I adore and covet these new jewelry items like nothing else in recent memory! they evoke picnics and childhood and are vaguely reminicent of the halloween spider rings i wore far past the holiday. updated in beautiful rose gold for our new adult personas, but perfect for the kid in each of us. :)

  • These are so darling and whimsical. I love the idea of ants as adornment; perhaps the monopoly of butterflies and scarabs has passed?

  • Cute earrings. I liked the Jezebel website too.

  • Love these little ants! Also love your blog. I check it and reference it often in my own! http://www.itswhatwhat.blogspot.com!

  • a really unique piece! I could see myself wearing these on a warm spring picnic in Central Park.

  • Anonymous said...

    Love your site and love the earrings….!!

    Keeping it beautiful,

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    Love your site and love the earrings!!

    Keeping it beautiful,

    [email protected]

  • Her work is beautiful. As much as I like her jewelry, it’s her prints that I really love!

  • Aisha said...

    The earrings are so unique but most of all, thank you so much for introducing me to Jezebel. What a fabulous find! I am so excited to receive my new stationary! I got “delilah sings the blues” to start. Thanks again.
    [email protected]

  • how quirky and cute!

  • All I have to say is entomologlam!!!!

  • mackenzie Green said...

    Been a big fan of Jezebel’s for a while- and LOVE, Love, love those little earrings!

  • Alex said...

    the silhouettes are so elegant…makes you want to put on a dress just to address a card!
    [email protected]

  • Lovely earings!

    Beautiful Illustrations too.
    Thanks for the link, I see some great potential gifts here :)

  • These are adorable. I can just picture wearing these on a breezy picnic with Husband.

  • wow. This giveaway is so amaaazing.

  • Love Jezebel’s work!!!

    Those little gold beauties
    would look nice “crawling” up
    my ears!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    Beautiful earrings….

    I dont have anything in rose gold… would be lovely if i can win it! :)


  • first time i’ve checked out jezebel’s stuff, but i fell in love with the boudicca and romola
    rode white horses tote! 漂亮!

  • What an awesome site…so pretty and whimsical. I know where to get my next lot of cards!

  • These are so delightful. Good luck to everyone :)

  • oh my gawd, these are fabulous! i have to have them one way or another…wish i wasn’t broke!

    and now i’m obsessed with the Jezebel site!


  • Ooohhh.
    She is a little twisted. I like her.
    These would be so fun at a very elegant party.
    I love her cards also, you feel like you are part of a mysterious story of another time and place.

  • Kat C. said...

    Her cards are so unique! I love the the picaresque adventures of
    robert and shirah =)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  • RUbywar said...

    I smashed an ant when I was 8 and I still feel horrible about the incident. I feel like I need to make it up to all ants somehow so if I see them crawling in the middle of nowhere, I like to move them closer to food or grass. I really like ants and I love these little studs.

  • I love everything!! And what an amazing giveaway, those are so unique and wonderful:))


  • karen said...

    even her name is cool….jezebel,jezebel,jezeebelle. you are bookmarked forever!

  • so pretty!!! ants on your ears :)

  • Love {this is glamourous}. Even a girl in the cold can dream of glamour. LOVE these earrings. So cute.

  • Everything there is so adorable!

    fountaingirl (at) gmail. :)

  • TO. DIE. FOR!!!

  • My sons would love these as much as me (those rose gold ants are great!).

  • wow, those silhouette images are lovely. and the ants are great!

  • yes, please!

    these are lovely and whimsical!

  • Oh I love those earrings – I wish Australian bloggers would have such wonderful competitions!
    Nice blog!

  • I have a strange, deep love for ship rats, gypsy moths, fire ants and any species that is invasive. Oh please? They would go with my wedding china:

  • Those cards are fantastic – and the titles are delicious! Like “hyacinth knew the vicious royalty of sweet decay” … But I couldn’t find her jewellery on the site! So I will just have to win those fantastic ants earrings!

  • ahhh! i adore these – beautiful design! hope i’m lucky!

  • those prints are fantastic. I just might have to make bernice and her geeky latin leanings mine…

  • Gorgeous…….love the name, love the earring.

  • Love those silhouette greeting cards. So old world… Thanks!

  • Alex said...

    Silouhettes on the cards are to die for…They remind me of German children’s illustrations. Lovely…

  • Mermaids and gin. Love the melange.

  • Oooh, lucky us :)

  • Magnifique! I love her work. Thank you for this introduction, and all the other fabulous posts as well.

  • Ooh! She has some really pretty totes and prints. I love the graphics!

  • Wow, thanks for the intro, Rosaline! Love their site. Nice to see some unusual products and love the wit on their cards. These earrings are so delicate and quirky.

  • truly beautiful. will order from site regardless

  • oh my goodness these belong on my ears! I love love love them….

  • I love rose gold. I love bugs. What a perfect combination! I would wear them daily…

  • Kate said...

    Pick me!
    kate (at) Shelflife dot com

  • Wow! I love rose gold :) I have a crucifix pendant in rose gold that I wear everyday..

  • Erin said...

    Wow- those are deliciously crazy, like the prints on the website…
    Sign me up, please!

  • I love those cards almost as much as I love the idea of wearing those earrings!

  • Some of these cards are really funny. I like ‘Daphne swooning in her garden’

  • I’ll check it out right now!

  • Anonymous said...

    so cute! the ants go marching 2 by 2 hoorah :)

  • Let them crawl up my lobes.

  • Oh my goodness- i love to wear these cuties. They are beautiful and so is her line! Thanks for entering me.


  • Oooooooo, just lovely! Very exciting giveaway!!! :D :)

  • Beautiful store!

  • They are some of the cutest earrings I’ve seen! Ahhh please can I win something for once… *crosses fingers* I need these on my ear lobes immediatley!

  • Anyone who mentions gin drinkers on their website is obviously my long lost soulmate! :D

  • They are divine!
    Fabulous giveaway!

  • how fun is this giveaway!
    her site is fantastic, has been book marked for future browsing and buying sprees. and the ant earrings ADORABLE!

  • Ooh! LOVE the ants! They look so damn happy. And I want the “criminal lovers” tshirt!

  • Oh, I love it!

  • Ooh so pretty!

  • ooh, I like these!

  • I love these!

  • I will have to writeup a post about Jezebel’s fine jewelry on Gem Gossip! Cool, thanks!

  • The jewelery is a lovely compliment to the rest of the Jezebel collection. And what a lovely compliment those little ants would make to a sunny spring or summer day (or warm evening) …

  • how beautiful!

  • Very cool! Thanks for the giveaway:) Hope you are doing well!

  • these are adorable!! great find!

  • her site and products are absolutely adorable!!

  • Love the ants so much. Jezebel is clearly talented – she needs to do more jewelry!

  • i heart these!

  • The ants both freak me out and delight me… And how great is the ring? The whole Jezebel website gives me fun shivers!

  • these are so witty!

  • those are lovely!!

  • omg. those area amazing. i love anything and everything gold.

  • what an amazing giveaway! i’ve always loved their cards but didn’t know they do jewellery too!

  • Mary Mink said...

    Oh my god those earrings are amazing. Super, super cute

    [email protected]

  • Mary Mink said...

    Oh my god those earrings are amazing. Super, super cute

  • These are SO cute, they remind me of picnics for some reason! :) I love their silhouette gift cards too!

  • Love these, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • those are absolutely gorgeous! <3

  • those sweet ants could come to any picnic of mine.

  • What fun earrings! Thanks for this lovely giveaway :)

    caitlinhyla (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • thanks for the giveaway… love the cards on the site. Silouhettes are my fav.

  • Love these earrings and the fantastic cards on her site!

  • This is the first time that I have been introduced to Jezebel’s beautiful and stunning work. I love the opening to her website “bookworms, gin drinkers, slip off your satin slippers, i’ve been waiting for you”…so inviting and cozy. I love how all her cards are eclectic and different. I think these may have to be a purchase quite soon. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am crossing my fingers hoping I will win. What fun earrings..just in time for the spring and summer to arrive.

  • I absolutely love rose gold! What clever earrings!

  • wow what unique jewellery! amazing. i like the tote bags too

  • I love your blog and love these incredible earrings. I know jezebel for their cards and paperworks, but thanks so much for turning me onto the jewelry!

  • Aurelija said...

    Wow, that is pretty! Reminds me of a tiny fly broche in amber and silver from childhood, which sadly broke…

    [email protected]

  • Love Jezebel. What great giveaway!!

  • Anonymous said...

    These are a delectable little gift for your ears!
    Arielle L
    [email protected]

  • Cute and creepy, love it!

  • Catherine said...

    ahh…I heart them. Times a bajillion. Smile.

    [email protected]

  • Tara said...

    although my house is infested by evil little black ants every summer (like clockwork)…I would love, love, love to see these little rose gold beauties by jezebel in my jewelry box or on my ears each and every day.

    I’ve always been a fan of jezebel’s whimsical drawings and slicing wit. Her shirts, totes and printed works are wonderful and remind me of a scandalous play by Ms. Josephine March…quite.

  • Love the earrings!

  • so cute! i love rose gold… it always looks so girly and delicate! count me in…

  • Love them! Need them!

  • gorgeous! such lovely things you come up with…. i love her print-work too. thanks for sharing!

  • if the jewelry gods don’t pluck me right up for this contest, i’m going to have to take things into my own hands.

  • I’m a longtime fan of jezebel. Her stationery and jewelry are wonderful, but I equally love the titles of her works–so witty!

  • ohhh, how fun, and how cool! I love anything in rose gold, and anything quirky. I didn’t know she was behind those vintagy looking prints and cards I have seen around, I love them! bookmarking her site for sure.

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