{happy weekend + très l.a.}


Another busy week and has come and gone, and I’m looking forward to a little lounge time, if only for a few moments . . .

{happy weekend!}

{beautiful candid L.A. + Palm Springs shots via timfalle on flickr}

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  • Sam Valenzuela said...

    love it

  • Your pics in the post just make me happy, love all the yellow!!


  • Beautiful. Just beautiful. Especially the last photo. :)

  • My dream backyard (the last pic). I could just imagine myself lounging around with a few fashion mags in hand. Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Yoli, when you live in a concrete jungle, a pool and a lounge chair is the ultimate in relaxation :) Thanks for the weekend wishes–hope yours was good too.

    Thanks, siw!

  • I spent last weekend poolside in Palm Springs and your post makes me want to get in the car and back on the highway headed east. Gorgeousness. I love it!
    Blog on, Bloggin’ on!

  • Gosh I want holiday, now!! ;-)Love the fresh citrus colors. I hope you are enjoying you weekend :-)

  • Hello :)
    Looooooove your blog.
    Now you are one of my love-links on my blog.
    Have a nice day.

  • Those are beautiful relaxing shots. I relax a little differently though, I want a concrete jungle. I am here wishing I could be in a little bookstore in NYC. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  • Totally a springy post, I’d love to hang out in any of these photos!


  • Chic and Charming–if you’re a garden furniture fan, you may be intrested in this post . . .

    Katie, some of these shots are, indeed, the Parker in Palm Springs–I was quite fond of the yellows and greens as well–Spring fever and all that :)

  • Oh Glamorous, beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL – love the retro feel

  • Heather, your proximity to the Parker Palm Springs is completely enviable :)

  • oooh these make me want to decamp to LA asap

  • nothing makes me happier than the Parker Palm Springs and these pics will be my inspiration towards a relaxing weekend.

  • These are mostly from the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs (Jonathan Adler) Yes? Then a Kelly W. thrown in for good measure. Nice collection with the yellows and greens!

  • Love the furniture in the last picture.

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