Behind the Brand & a Timeline

September 2018

NYC-based writer and musician Amber Fairweather joined TIG at the end of September 2018. An avid traveler, Amber has lived in California, Hawaii, rural Pennsylvania, and London. Her journeys fuel her quest to find and share the beauty in life. A few of her favorite things include books, roses, coffee, and photography.

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January 2017

This Is Glamorous celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Who knew in 2007 what opportunities would arise from what began as a blog, a place for a girl to share her thoughts and ideas, loves and inspirations with the world…

Daniela Chelariu, TIG Travel Editor

July 2017

Paris-based Daniela Chelariu joins TIG as Travel Editor. Originally from Romania, Daniela spent two years at university in Spain before transferring for her final year to Paris’ Sorbonne. She fell for someone in Paris and remains to date. Daniela speaks four languages and has impeccable taste in restaurants. We’re delighted to have her and look forward to her musings each week.

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January 2017

Belgrave Crescent launches its first shoe collection, with classic penny & tassel loafer styles, including a brand new pink suede tassel loafer style that proved wildly popular with the brand’s loyal following and beyond.

Décor Inspiration | The Edit: A Home Shopping Guide for the Sophisticated Romantic

November 2016 relaunches to include a new selection of amazing makers and artisans, from jewellers to designer cushion makers to painters and antiques dealers. There is also a new selection of kitchenwares. See our full selection here.

February 2016

Edinburgh-based interior designer & illustrator, Louise Keane, joins TIG as Interiors Editor. Read her articles here.

Travel: The Top 5 Most Underrated Cities to Live In, Europe

December 2015

Move to the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain.

In mid-December of 2015, This Is Glamorous re-located to sunny Spain, finding a flat with juliet balconies and a large back terrace in an upscale neighbourhood near the famous Mercado Colón


April 2015

The official launch of

The concept for the new online shop is that it will function very much like a gallery, showcasing a collection of the most beautiful things on the interwebs created by the best artists & artisans from around the world. With a focus on design & craftsmanship, the shop consists of boutiques, with Belgrave Crescent being one, carrying our line of leather goods, and This Is Glamorous being another, carrying our own branded products, as well as things we have always loved, or items just discovered that will become longstanding favourites.

One of our very favourite items and the first in the shop, is our very own signature Luxury Fragranced Candle in French Gardenia, made of 100% soy wax and hand-poured in France.


March 2014

Launch of the new This Is Glamorous, which was live by the end of 2013, but the official launch of the brand new and cutting-edge design would not be until March of the following year.

The new design, well ahead of its time, would be met with critical acclaim by design aficionados and readers alike, finding its way onto siteinspire just three months following launch, and be much-imitated for years to come.

The redesign would mark the successful shift of This Is Glamorous from blog to full-service website & online magazine.

January 2014

The official launch of Belgrave Crescent, our British-made line of luxury leather goods.

While the new shop was quietly live in November 2013, it would not be until the new year until the official announcement. This Is Glamorous would be one of the very first blogs to successfully launch a separate brand.


June 2013

London-based Victoria joins This Is Glamorous


November 2012

Move to Edinburgh, Scotland, where a grand townhouse in the east end of the New Town would be the new TIG home for the next three years

January 2012

Clarkson Potter, Abrams and others call to discuss book deals

March 2012

Australia-based Joey Baily joins the team, and the intensely popular series, Great Love Stories is born


About | Behind the Brand & Timeline

March 2011

New York City-based Laily, the first contributor, joins This Is Glamorous in the spring, with the second contributor, Vancouver-based Sarah, joining in October of the same year

Photo by @thisisglamorous on Instagram

December 2009

This Is Glamorous is listed as one of The London Times’ 50 of the Best Design Blogs in the World

Its founder leaves 9 to 5 cubicle life for good to focus on the site full-time

January 2007

This Is Glamorous is launched by Roséline Isabella Lohr; the site quickly gains organic momentum, attracting readers from around the world