10 Pretty Ways to Wear your Hair for Spring


HIGH PONYTAILS & LOW PONYTAILS, upswept and braided and tied with ribbon–a little hairstyle inspiration today, a slideshow 0f ten of the prettiest ways to wear your HAIR for springtime . . .

{p.s.} if you’re reading from bloglovin’ & the slides do not advance, click here x

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  • anonymouse said...

    The pictures still do not advance within Bloglovin’ so I can’t read the majority of each post.

    • Hello — yes, that is an issue with Bloglovin’, which adds additional referral information is its url, causing the slideshow to not advance. If you visit the site outside of Bloglovin, the slideshow should work. xR.

  • Love these! So romantic; I feel like I’m watching an Audrey Hepburn film as I scroll through!

  • I wish I could do my hair more ways! I’m working on it, but I feel like my fingers are just not capable of doing cool braids and such!

  • Hi the images are still not progressing in chrome on andriod…. or is it just me?

    Love the new design x

    • Hello Happimess — if you are coming from Bloglovin’ or another feed location, it may be adding referral info and clogging up the url, causing the slideshow not to function properly. Try coming to visit the site directly, or click the link above, at the end of the slideshow. xR.

  • Nice inspirations! Plus, it’s hairstyles we can easily do.

  • The chignon tied with a scarf is endlessly chic. Such timeless inspiration!

    xx Katie

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