DO YOU REMEMBER all those months ago, had hinted at an enormous and enormously exciting project in the works? Well it’s here! it’s here! at long last: the brand new This Is Glamorous! After months, [months!] of hard work, we are so very excited to reveal an entirely new website. A very special thank you [& so much love] goes to P., who spent hundreds of hours dreaming up and researching the concept for the site, bringing his ideas to life with our designers & developers in months of correspondence that added up to over three hundred emails.
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign

And of course, many, many thanks to Ben and everyone at the design studio, who worked tirelessly at the back end, to bring over thousands of articles, tags and comments to the new platform, as well as interpreting our ideas into the beautiful and modern dynamic layout that is now the homepaage. It was an immense undertaking that was far from easy, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out . . .
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign

The new website has been live for a few days now, [thank you for all your lovely notes & emails!] but we are still in the all-consuming process of organising, categorizing, tagging, and cleaning-up of code, and so it is for that reason this announcement comes so late. We had discussed redesigning the site for a very long time now, as over the past while, have amassed an endless waterfall of inspiration in the archives that was difficult to access, and was not very well organised. But all of that has changed now . . .
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign

The new homepage is now a beautiful intermingling of current, recent, and past articles, all in one place, and functions as the centre, or hub of the site. At the top of the page, you will find all current/new articles, with older ones lower and toward the centre of the page, and a few favourites from the archives mixed in near the bottom. Everything on the homepage is clickable [3.], from the images, which will take you to each specific article, to category headings, such as Fashion [2.], which will take you to the Fashion archive.
This Is Glamorous Website RedesignIf you’ve read all the new articles for the day or week and there’s still coffee left and a few moments to slip away, you can, of course, also use the top navigation bar to browse by categories–Design & Décor, Fashion, Travel, etc. and wander along the streets of Paris, or the lavender fields of Provence . . .
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign

When you arrive at an article page, you can navigate the page using drop-down Archives or Categories features in the right margin, use the Popular Posts menu, or simply click any tag in the tag cloud. You can also use the “next” and “previous” buttons at the bottom of each article, and share the article using the pink social media icons [see below this article].
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign

A search function will be added in the coming weeks as well, to make finding whatever your heart desires even easier. And of course, thank you, for following along all this time–many from the very beginning–here’s to many, many more adventures together. And that’s all for now–shall give you some time to explore and get lost somewhere beautiful . . .

À bientôt / See you soon, —Roséline xo 
This Is Glamorous Website Redesign {p.s.} The new website is now fully responsive and optimized for tablet & smartphone reading! and looks especially lovely on an iPad, which means you can take daydreams wherever you go. x

[Images : balloon image via pinterest]

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