{work of art: briar wood bracelets lined in silver}



. . . and while on the topic of perfect juxtapositions, these briar root bracelets lined in silver, by chicago-based metalsmith, gillion carrara, combine natural and industrial elements, and are so stunning, they are works of art . . .


a l i t t l e m o r e a b o u t t h e d e s i g n e r

carrara’s work explores the relationship between materials, design and function, often appropriating materials that evoke specific responses based on cultural and psychological associations: bone, horn, shell, antler, and various woods and briar root, combined with precious metals: silver, bronze and gold; materials are selected from as far away as tuscany, africa, south america and india, as well as the western and midwestern united states

{image: gillion carrara via n’east style}

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  • Hello Roséline,

    These are quite beautiful! I really like the mix of the natural and industrial—very well done. I could see them with a brightly colored, flowey dress and high heels. The possibilities are endless…

    Oh yes, and about the picture of my dog, I felt so sorry for her that I put her make shift cape in the fridge to cool and then placed it on her back. Seems to have helped a little :) Summer seems to have hit Vancouver more so in August and September—it’s still warm out until 8pm or so. (which is perfect—I had purchased some new dresses and have hardly been able to wear them until now)

    Hope everything is coming together for NY—so exciting! (I look forward to your updates)


  • These are GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • beautiful!

  • These are beautiful! I love wood bracelets and lined in silver they are even more covetable. :)

  • Im in love with bracelets…and these are so hot! thanks for sharing… :)))

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