{this is glamorous in we like we love magazine}



. . . and in all the flurry of last week’s activities, had not had a chance to tell you about the beautiful feature on {this is glamorous} in the current issue of we like we love . . .


{p.s.} click here to read my five likes & five loves [page 7], or, even better, pick up a strong coffee and macarons, and flip through the current online issue [there is a print version available as well]


. . . thanks so much to alyssa for the lovely layout, extra time, and charmingly easy-going ways when even more time was needed to answer the interview questions . . .


{top image, photography by dear machine on esty via the neo-traditionalist & pinterest}

9 Notes
  • I am going to check it out right now…….


  • Félicitations, Roséline!

    I look forward to hearing about what “better things are to come” for you…Also, thank you for sharing this new online magazine.

    Oh, and I like your favorite fives, especially all things gold.


  • i’ve been craving macaroons!


  • fabulous!!!! <3

  • beautiful little interview! mm.. I am guessing an offer to make your clothes line at canada? something like a “glamorous special edition” from a major company? WANT TO KNOW! haa
    oh, and lovely macarons! pinned image!

  • ceo — sounds good — hope you like . . .

    à la parisienne — thanks so much, mandy, for such a sweet & lovely comment — and yes, seem to have a terrible weaknes for gold :)


  • I’m so glad you finally got to see & share this!

  • Hello, What a great little interview, I really enjoy your taste of all things glamorous, and such a treat to visit this blog every day.

    Have a lovely evening!


  • Incredibly lovely feature, Roséline! You have such a way with words and creating a style that is all your own and nothing short of beautiful…


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