{favourite five: denise porcaro}



I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

~Claude Monet


. . . to enter the world of denise porcaro is to be swept away into an enchanting realm you only thought possible in the secret garden . . .

denise, the founder and owner of the alluring flower girl in nyc, has taken floral design to new heights with her exquisite eye for beauty and ethereal arrangements — a delicate bundle she creates with dainty garden roses, ravishing wild flowers, or lavish peonies wrapped with the prettiest of ribbons will whisk you away into the romance of a bygone era

with a client list that includes stella mccartney, chanel and the illustrious plaza hotel of manhattan {and a blooming career that has graced the pages of vogue, instyle and elle} we will definitely be paying close attention to denise’s:



{five favourite pieces of advice for running a business}

1. dedication is key:know that if you’re going to go for something, it should envelope your whole life; you’re married to your business in a way, and you should know that going into it

2. have a business plan:you don’t need a big business plan — it can even be written on the back of a bar napkin — you just need to write down your goals and visualize them happening

3. do what you love: if you’re doing what you love, it is that much easier; it cuts all the work in half when it is your passion

4. read your client: cater to your client’s unique taste; listen to them, their budget, their likes and dislikes — that’s what we do at flower girl– we don’t give our clients “package a” or “package b”, but really sit with them and figure out exactly what they want and do our best to give them exactly that

5. don’t sweat the small stuff: this is much easier said than done; when you’re a perfectionist and you’re doing this sort of work, it’s hard not to sweat the small stuff, but you have to keep perspective and remember the big picture

~ laily

vogue, february 2010, dress by jason wu, boots by dolce & gabbana; inset, vogue, may 2008}

Laily Samadi
Contributor, New York City

Laily lives in New York City, although her mind often wanders across the Atlantic. A lover of modern design, letterpress stationary, and simple yet elegant couture, Laily believes that happiness can be found within bundles of ranunculus or garden roses. As a visual person, she overlooks a film’s plot for aesthetic and cinematography. She divides her attention between two men: her husband and her puppy, Bear.

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