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. . . a crisp tuesday in mid-november and one of those days with a billion & one things on the to-do lists, half answered press interview questions and missed deadlines — but also — upcoming and impossibly exciting things: fantastic new features, including a stylish new series and a new contributor, an inspiring new project and last but not least, a warm & official welcome to joan, admin & info intern, who will be handling much of the unfortunate disaster that is the current inbox and already things are falling perfectly into place and the universe is unfolding as it should . . . and now, a frothy latte in celebration of beautiful things to come . . .

{p.s.} also fun & special thanks to felicity for everything xo

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  • I need that delicious looking coffee but more importantly I think I need Joan!!

  • hooray for new adventures and a very warm welcome, joan :) thrilled for all of the marvelous and oh-so-glamorous things in store for my favorite blog :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  • How exciting…can’t wait to hear and see all the new things – and a big hello to Joan!!

  • fxox said...

    Trust me, everyone needs Joan, she is one fabulous lady :-):-):-)

  • fxox said...

    Annnnd Miss R, press questions!! Sounds exciting! Also very much looking forward to seeing the new contributors contributions!



  • How on earth do you manage to stay so upbeat daycafter day? Spill!

  • What a relief*

    I recall our conversation about email overload—I am so glad that you found some help :) I cannot wait to find out more about the new series and contributor!

  • Aw, congratulations, R! I hope the hugest weight feels lifted off of your shoulders. And that is one lucky intern, that Joan!

  • Thank you for stopping in to say hello — it's lovely to hear from you!
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