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. . . have been having a wonderful time dreaming up holiday gift ideas, and quite adore self-taught san francisco bay area-based metalsmith andrea bonelli‘s beautifully simple and classic handmade jewelry line — filled with diamond stacking bands and glittering moissanite studs, the collection is also eco friendly, using recycled and ethically mined diamonds and gems and would be the perfect gifts, boxed and wrapped in gold paper and tied with velvet ribbon, or, if you can not bear to part with them, equally perfect with silk-taffeta one-shouldered dresses for upcoming holiday parties . . .

{images: andrea bonelli jewelry}

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  • Oooo very pretty. I like the simplicity of the pieces! =)

    Melanie’s Randomness

  • Anonymous said...

    Lovely but I’m afraid most of the items aren’t eco-friendly (i.e. moissanite is man-made using a labor intensive process) Not much jewelry these days can be considered eco-friendly. :(

  • diamond stacking bands=gorgeous!

  • Simple, rustic, and soulful! Lovely pieces, and fantastic blog. Always a favorite.

  • Andrea said...


    Actually my jewelry is eco friendly and Moissanites beat blood Diamonds any day which is why they are very good sellers for other eco friendly artists. Man made means they weren’t mined. Posting as Anonymous shows you have something to hide and I stand behind my eco friendly practices and products.

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