{table for two: desserts for breakfast}



. . . with utterly delectable recipes such as lobster lobster mac ‘n cheese, ginger-champagne pancakes with champagne-poached pears, apricot pistachio chocolate mousse tartlets, rosemary pancakes with poached pears, chocolate ricotta and lemon poppyseed pound cake and chocolate & lemon mascarpone cupcakes{!}, desserts for breakfast, by bay area graduate student, stephanie, will have your inner martha whipping up deliriously beautiful concoctions in no time, or at least inspired to do so . . . unless, of course, you’re like me and have an astonishing lack of culinary skills, and, like carrie, might as well keep sweaters in your oven . . .








dessert-for-breakfast11{above: kiwi & pineapple sorbets}

{p.s.} a few things on this sunny thursday afternoon:
* previous table for two: katie quinn davies
* special thanks to felicity for another lovely link xo

* also, in case you may have missed the tweets, a brand new page

{all images © stephanie s. 2009-2010 for desserts for breakfast}


Felicity remembers Miss Roséline’s very first post a number of years ago. Her first introduction to the world of blogging was when she stumbled across a post on Bestey Johnson's apartment on This Is Glamorous. Ever since then, she has watched TIG blossom and grow into the much loved blog you now are now reading. Roséline’s eye for glamorous elegant finds, makes her smile, especially when she places them in her multi-image colour themed posts. She has also very much enjoyed the addition of Laily‘s Favorite Five posts & Sarah‘s weekly travel finds. She encourages you to settle in with a box of Ladurée macarons & your favorite tea and wander through the treasure trove of images hidden in the archives of this lovely blog. You’ll be so glad you did.

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