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. . . my grandmère in france has the most beautiful memory books filled with magical things, and it is perhaps for this reason that am always quite nostalgic for the look and feel of them — souvenirs glued and taped to worn pages, pretty polaroids and bits of lace, sunny afternoons and lost memories of summers past . . .

{p.s.} more lovely pages

{images: a creative mint, more at a glamorous little side project}

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  • I love scrapbooks and old diaries…I have one from when I was in middle school of all my favorite texts from crushes and such with pictures glued in…so much fun to look back!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  • I’m with you on this one! I love scrapbooks too. They are timeless keepsakes! I need to make more time for scrapbooking actually. I set it all aside, but don’t get around to putting them together! You’ve inspired me tho! These are great images :)

  • My blog is my scrapbook, so much cheaper. I love the lanterns on the ladder.

  • i love scrapbooks! beautiful post!

  • oh me too!
    I am the family historian, so everyone send items, photos, trinkets and such to me. I then make books and shadow boxes of them.

  • You have such a beautiful blog and I am honored to be on here today. Thank you.

  • vicky — your scrapbook sounds like a wonderful keepsake and must be such fun to look through!

    sara — the same here — a beautiful collection of photographs, but still empty scrapbooks waiting to be filled — if only there were more hours . . .

    bumpkin on a swing — hilarious! and so to the point — true enough, but somehow still always miss turning the pages

    rachel — thank you!

    callie — how lovely! + shadow boxes, even — will you come over and do mine as well? :)

    leslie — an absolute pleasure! lovely to hear from you and hope things are well


  • What a wonderful memento to leave behind.xx

  • I absolutely adore taking pictures of flowers and those are amazing!



  • i completely agree… i love looking through my great grandma’s old pictures.

  • WOW! – inspirational – i once scrapebooked – and then well, i dunno, i just stopped … it was fun when i did it – now i look at ALL the work i need to put into it to start again and i get overwhelmed ..

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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