{inspiration: shoe storage}


. . . as not all pairs of shoes can be put on display, always come back to the idea of carefully stored and neatly stacked behind pretty pleated curtains . . .

{p.s.} also adore the lucite chair and antique mirror framed mantel

{shoes, shoes, shoes:}
* on display
* in barrister bookcases
* in the closet
* in cabinets
* with roses

{image: traditional home via lily-g}

11 Notes
  • Gorgeous photo! I love shoes and would really want to have a huge closet just full of them one day… and would definitely not be shy about showing them off. I loved all your former posts about displaying them as well. :)

  • As I happily spend most days in bright red Wellies or calf-hugging muck boots, I must say that I am salivating over the luxurious lucite chair poised at the threshold of that envy-inspiring closet. Oh how I want to run my hands down that creamy curtain. Mmmmm. Oh Louboutin and Manolo, how I crave you now. I know I have a split personality, and this post is really driving me to distraction! You torture me, but I love it so-
    xo Michaela

  • I love that. And the chair.

  • The mirror framed mantle really caught my eye over everything else. It is really beautiful, something I’d love to have in my home.

  • loved where the curtains are! very pretty creativity!

  • ohhh the coloring is what catches my eye. i love how everything is so neuteral yet it still pops!


  • Oh gosh. I wish I was that organized.

  • have thought about organising my shoes like that before – but never got round to it! maybe having that lush chair sat infront of my wardrobe would help…. xx

  • This is beautiful! I adore the elegance of this space — certainly perfect for any inspiration file :)

    Have a wonderful day*

  • What a lovely chair! It’d be perfect for my livingroom…

  • Mimi — thank you! and delighted you enjoyed the previous shoe displays posts as well xo

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