{give-away: three-strand necklace}


Today’s give-away is a lovely three-strand bold stripe necklace* from Chicago-based Jess LC‘s brand new Madison Ave collection!

The Madison Ave collection features hand-wrapped Swarovski crystals in bold patterns and rich shades perfect for Fall:

To enter, {click here
} to visit the Jess LC website, then leave a comment below, stating your favourite piece from any collection.

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

{p.s.} congratulations to the winner of the previous give-away!

* choice of navy/shade, plum/shade, or black/shade, in sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled chain; {top image via a glamorous little side project;} * winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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  • I LOVE the Wellington Ave. graduated 3 strand gold necklace. Beautiful!

  • Kim said...

    My favorite of a Jess’ jewelry is her cute SOC CHIC collection (the teardrop is my favorite) because it’s so special when an independent designer gives back. They’d make brilliant stocking stuffers!

  • My absolute favorite is the Rush st graduated three strand necklace. So delicate!

  • I like the addison link & pearl bracelet :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  • I like the ‘rush street large horizontal swarovski rock pendant’ because it is lovelllly.

  • it’s so hard to pick, all of her pieces are so pretty! I really like the state st single long eye necklace.


  • I love the long eye necklace — the juxtaposition of it being worn on the side is so different. It really caught my eye. Yes, I was trying to make a lil joke.


  • I really love the Southport One Strand Cluster Necklace! Sweet and Innocent looking!

  • The Elm St Long Tagua Nut necklace is beautiful i love the blue coloring and the detail in the silver necklace is very nice!

    I also appreciate that its eco-friendly!

  • I’m a mixed metal girl myself so I love the wellington ave. thick stripe necklace.

    Love the street-name theme for the collections! Very cool.

  • This necklace is perfect for my collection of navy/white blouses!
    But I also LOVE the Elm St. thick chain bracelet!

  • Oh I love the Wellington Ave. graduated three strand single stripe necklace. So much. All these pieces are beautiful.

  • there are so many pieces that are beautiful — and so reasonably priced! my favorite collection is the Armitage… and my favorite piece is the Armitage One Link necklace with pearl. so delicate and lovely (and “tasteful” as the description puts it!)…

  • stunning! i think my fave would be the madison ave three strand or long graduated chain necklace from the chicago collection…although it is very hard to choose!

  • My jaw literally dropped when I saw this necklace. It is absolutely stunning! I love the one you picked, the Madison Ave 3-strand necklace and I also loved the Wellington Ave Crystal Layering Necklace. Thanks for the introduction to Jess LC Jewelry and thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    Chic Coles

  • Those pieces are gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely links, as always. :)

  • the astor two toned cluster bib necklace is my favorite – but they are all so beautiful!

  • Thanks for the fabulous giveaway. I just adore all of Jess L.C.’s jewelry. I’ve been looking at it for months and still can’t decide what my I should buy myself, but I think I’ve decided that when I do it will be the Armitage Two Strand with Pearl + Link Detail Necklace. Just can’t get enough of those pearls!

  • I love the Armitage Simple Link Earrings – so simple and classic!

  • Beautiful jewellery!!! I adore Armitage Simple Link with Pearl drop earrings… x

  • LOVE the Wellington Ave. graduated 3 strand gold necklace. I’m so crazy for chains right now! :>

  • i love the soc chic collection esp. the match made in heaven necklace… because its such a great cause.

  • I’m in love with everything she does but I love LOVE the State St Everyday Oval necklace. Mmm so pretty!

  • It was hard to choose, but my favorite piece is the “Wellington Ave. Long Graduated Stripe Necklace.”

    I love how the designer incorporated mixed-metal vertical stripes into the design of a fluid necklace.

  • I think I like the double-row earrings the best, although I wish I could see what they look like in the other color combinations!

  • All are awesome but I really like southport two strand necklace.

  • LOVE all of the Wellington Ave. pieces, especially the short stripe large crystal necklace. What a fabulous collection!! ;)

  • I love the Madison Avenue crystal layering necklace. I would wear it both casually and dressy. Its classic…stunning!

  • I think my favorite may be the one you’re giving away, although the Southport Vine necklace is beautiful.

  • Definitely Elm Street. Very Modern.

  • I adore the astor st. single bead and link earrings. What a beautiful collection!

  • My favorite has to be the Wellington Avenue 3 strand single stripe. So so chic! May have to buy it…


  • i love the astor st. cluster bib.

    and i really love this one you’re offering – beautiful!

  • I LOVE JessLC! I have several of her pieces and would love to add to my collection. Right now the item I’m most coveting is the Armitage Two-strand with Pearl + Link detail Necklace in silver.

  • I think there’s a reason that the rush st. long layering necklace is described as their most popular piece. It’s gorgeous!

  • I love the one you are giving away best but in silver, so pretty :)

  • I love the Wellington necklaces, especially the three stranded ones and the long necklace with the crystal pendant. So simple, yet so pretty.

  • i love the elm st long (especially in peacock with the gold chain) – such beautiful work!


  • Audrey Haubrich said...

    The Armitage two stand necklace with pearl and link detail is my favorite. All her pieces are lovely!

  • This is so lovely! I hope I win!

  • My favorite is definitely this Southport Vine Necklace: http://jesslc.com/CH123.htm from the Southport Ave collection. I love the bright colors of the gem stones!

  • The raindrops on roses necklace is my favorite….real glamour is about helping others, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation makes it clear how lucky we all should consider ourselves. PS: Love your blog

  • Beautiful stuff! Love the simplicity and class of the jewelry. I would love to sport that necklace…

  • Gorgeous- that would seriously be perfect for the dress I am wearing to my step bro’s wedding in Jan!

    Love this one: http://jesslc.com/CH131.htm The Addison thick cable bracelet w/ links…so pretty!!

  • I love the madison ave. double row necklace. Beautiful jewelry & great prices!

  • Madison Ave. Three Strand Stripe Necklace. Slightly reminiscent of rosary beads. Thanks for entering me into the contest!

  • All are so beautiful, but I really am partial to the elm st horizontal ebony wire wrapped necklace. So chic and simple!

  • i love love love this one!!!!! http://jesslc.com/CH151.htm

  • camgurl said...

    My favourite must be the dangle necklace from the astor st. collection… Coy and sweet — like candy on a string! I also love the thick cable and heart bracelet from the addison ave. collection. Sexy, innocent and punk rock all at once. Beautiful Jewellery!

  • Such a tough choice to pick just one favorite! I think I like the Madison Ave. large and small crystal necklace the best though.

  • This necklace is gorgeous. I also love the Astor St. Bead Strand Necklace in Shore. Love it!

  • Ah I LOVE Jess LC. My fave is the astor st. cluster bib necklace, because it looks like something Emma Pillsbury from Glee would wear and I love her style! The giveaway necklace is amahzing, too!

  • Pretty, pretty! I love the astor st. bead strand necklace. So fun and elegant.

  • So many drool-worthy options! My favorite is the Wellington Ave. short stripe/lg. crystal necklace. It’s the perfect combo of sweet & sexy. I’d wear it casual with a white tank & jeans or fancy with a black holiday dress!

  • I absolutely love the astor st short drop earrings

  • I love the Rush St graduated three strand necklace, its beautiful!

  • Katie P said...

    My favorite piece from a Jess LC collection is Astor St Bead Strand Necklace! Sooo pretty and cheers up any outfit! :)

  • I love all of Jess’s pieces, but the Madison Ave collection has really captured my heart. As far as favorites go, it’s between this piece and the Madison Ave stripe necklace. Love them both!

  • i looove the astor st cluster bib necklace!!


  • Gaga for the southport layering necklace with gem drops!

  • Madison Three Strand Bold Stripe Necklace!

  • THIS piece is my favorite (the madison). My husband is in the navy… so this would go PERFECTLY with all my blue/gold outfits for football season :) Fingers crossed…

  • I came across Jess’s pieces at the Macy’s on State Street where Chicago designers works are featured. Having just celebrated getting a job at lunch with a friend in the cafeteria, we wandered around upstairs and I bought the Armitage two strand three link detail necklace in silver. After wearing it for just about a week and receiving dozens of compliments everywhere I went, I traipsed back to Macy’s where Jess was having a trunk show of her designs and with her help picked out the State St Double Eye necklace in gold, as well as the Madison Ave simple crystal earrings in navy and Armitage simple link earrings.

    I have worn the State St double eye necklace every day since, and alternate between the earrings. Sometimes I even layer it with my Armitage two strand necklace, or even other longer necklaces I have! I have to say that although I love all the peices from Jess LC that I have bought, the State St double eye necklace is so far my favorite! It truly goes with every neckline I wear, is simple and tasteful, yet different enough to stand out.

    I can’t wait to see what other designs Jess comes up with and plan on ordering some gifts for the holiday season!

  • I love the Addison Thick Cable and Heart Bracelet! I love that there are multiple strands that make up the bracelet; it looks so vintage and gorgeous!

  • I love her stuff (and read her blog). The simplicity of the armitage earrings are so lovely, and the state st double eye necklace is just beautiful. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Hope you don’t mind but I borrowed (and linked) your Rochas photo as it inspired me to gift wrap to capture the fabulous colours. I couldn’t resist!

  • I’ve always loved the astor st. cluster bid necklace, which I see you already did a giveaway for! Sad to say I missed it! :(

  • yay! what a pretty giveaway!

    I am liking her simple gold earrings so much right now. I don’t know how that is, because I’ve always been a silver/white gold sorta gal. I particularly like these:

    http://jesslc.com/CH162.htm (in amazonite/shore)

    and then these:

    http://jesslc.com/CH116.htm (plain, simple, perfect)

    Crossing my fingers and sayin’ a prayer :O)

  • I’ve always loved the astor street cluster bib necklace, which I see you’ve already done a giveaway for! Sad that I missed it! :(

  • Definitely the Addison thick cable and heart bracelet from the Chicago Selection. The chain-link is very Tiffany-Esq but the gold layers and flattened style of the heart very much holds it’s own

  • It is almost impossible to choose only one favorite! But I really like the Wellington Fringe Earrings, seems like they would go with everything!

  • I love all of her work, but since hearts are my all-time favorite, I have to choose the Addison thick cable and heart bracelet (http://jesslc.com/CH137.htm).

    Much love, as always!

  • love the wellington ave. long graduated stripe necklace. mixing metals is awesome.

  • Eva said...

    Today I am wearing the Astor St. Link and Bead necklace in Fushia! It’s delicate but the fushia gives it a POW!

  • kellykaboo said...

    It’s so hard to choose – I love all of her designs (and her blog to be honest). If pressured, I’ll have to say the addison thick cable bracelet with links. I really do have trouble selecting a favorite though. I can’t wait to see the holiday collection!

  • I think I like the Astor St. bead strand necklace the best.

  • ‘armitage one link necklace with pearl’ SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • I like the Astor street bead strand!

  • the state street double eye necklace is gorgeous, original, and delicate. love it!

  • I love the Astor St. link and bead necklace in gold and strawberry. It’s simple and sweet. :)

  • I like the astor st. short drop earrings. Simple and gorgeous!

  • April S. said...

    I really like the Astor St. link and bead necklace in honey jade. So pretty! Thanks for the contest and for introducing us to Jess LC!

  • I stumbled upon Jess’ designs recently and I love the Astor St. dangle necklace but the Madision Ave. Three-strand stripe is my absolute fave!

  • I love the Astor St. bib necklace with dyed jade. It looks so bright and fun! Sunshine-y accessories to punch up winter clothes.

  • Uh-mazing giveaway! I’m obsessed {like OBSESSED-obsessed} with the Wellington Ave. long stripe large crystal necklace.

    Unbelievably chic.


  • I must say that I love the Madison Ave, 3 strand bold stripe necklace. They remind me of glimmering sparkles an evening sky. I would wear it with everything!

  • The Astor St. dangle necklace is really lovely. Like ice cream at sunset!

  • so good. plum is my favorite.

  • I love the circle necklaces!

  • I LOVE Elm St. and Astor St. But everything is so lovely!

  • I love the Southport Two Strand Cluster necklace. It’s the perfect “two in one” necklace!

  • I actually think my favorite piece is the “madison ave. three strand bold stripe necklace” pictured in your post, though the “southport small swing earrings” are a really close second. Utterly classy!

  • Megan said...

    I love the elm st. thick chain bracelet

    alesta [at] comcast [dot] net

  • madison ave three strand stripe necklace…

  • Oooh, I really like the southport vine necklace with gems in silver…fingers crossed!

  • Very beautiful jewelry. My favorite is the Madison Avenue Triple Crystal Necklace.

  • WOw-o-wow! Stunning.

    I also love the astor st. bead strand necklace! gorgeous!


  • It’s too hard to pick! They’re all so lovely. I do love the astor st. bead and link neclace though!

  • Love the necklace, but LOVE your blog more! Thanks for all the glamour you bring to my life ;)

  • Oh my goodness! These are all so pretty, but I have to say my fave is the Astor St. cluster. I used to live on Astor St. in nyc!

  • I love the Astor St Double Bead and Link Necklace! Gorgeousness!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  • Jess’s new collections are stunningly beautiful, but my hands down favorite piece are the Armitage Simple Link earrings. They go with everything, I practically wear them everyday!

  • i have the astor st. cluster bib necklace in coral and i absolutely love it – and have gotten so many compliments on it:)

  • Oh, I love the astor st. cluster bib necklace, but all of the pieces are so perfectly beautiful. They would add just the perfect touch to any outfit!

  • First, I love the fact that this entire collection is named after streets in Chicago; being a native.I honestly can see the connection between the collection and the chosen street.

    That being it was a toss up between Madison and Wellington for me. Madison in the end won out…in this overcast fall day who couldn’t use sparkle to brighten up their day?

    Being unemployed at the time; I think it would look smashing with my boyfriend jeans, white tea, charcoal cardigan, and ballet flats. Once I am working again it could easily float to my work wardrobe.

  • Im totally loving the simple link earrings, they are a great everyday item

  • My favorite piece is the Wellington Avenue two-strand, three-crystal necklace! I love how simple it is while at the same time being asymmetrical and organic. Plus, you could wear it with just about anything!

  • OMG, so chic and really quite reasonably priced! I’m digging the simplicity of the state street double eye necklace, but the madison stripe pictured in your post is to die for as well …

  • The colors are so vibrant! I like the madison ave. three strand necklace too!

  • My favorite is the Madison Ave. Crystal and Link earrings. They are so delicate yet have a mysterious presence about them!

  • Beautiful necklace! I’m also quite fond of the wellington ave. long stripe large crystal necklace – the chain is so fun!

  • I really like a lot of things from the Madison and the Wellington Collections.

    My favorites might be the Wellington long graduated striped necklace & the Wellington thick stripe necklace.

    I like the Madison three strand bold stripe necklace too!

    Gorgeous jewelry!

  • They are all stunning, but my favorite has to be the Madison Ave. Three Strand Stripe necklace.

  • I love the State Street Oval necklace… and the one you’re giving away, conveniently! I found this blog through Makeunder My Life and have added it to my Google Reader! Thanks for such a great giveaway. :)

  • Ho w pretty! I hope I win! My fave is the pair of Madison Ave. purple earrings.

    Sarah from California

  • Love the Astor Street cluster big necklace!

  • I love the Astor St. Cluster Bib Necklace. In fuchsia it gives a whimsy and fun vibe!

  • love the long tagua nut with side detail. stunning! all of it os gorg though, really

  • i’m in love with the madison ave. triple crystal necklace! gorgeous!
    thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • Pretty!! I love the little coral cluster necklace. So cute!

  • My favourite, the ‘Astor St. Cluster bib necklace’ in gold/coral, is absolutely beautiful. It’s so playful and summery!

  • I love the “lucky in bed necklace”! So cute and for a great cause.

    Lizzie from DC

  • Oh My! I love the astor collection. Particularly the necklace with the mint green or the coral ones!

  • I love the Armitage 2 strand, 3 link necklace in gold!

  • I love the Raindrops on Roses necklace a lot!

  • My favorite has to be the madison ave. long graduated chain necklace. So simplistic yet so elegant!

    Love Jess LC!

  • I love the addision simple cable and link bracelet – gorgeous design!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • ALI said...

    absolutely beautiful. wish i had won the cluster necklace but love this one even more!

    xx a

  • Cindy said...

    What a beautiful collection! I love the Wellington graduated three strand necklace.

  • Cindy said...

    What a beautiful collection! I love the Wellington graduated three strand necklace!

  • I love all of Jess’s jewelry but when I saw what she was giving away, all I could say was WOW! I love the dark blue crystals and the three strands.

  • I love all of Jess’s jewelry but my favorite has to the be the one pictured. The dark blue crystals make it a stunning necklace.

  • madison ave. three strand stripe necklance — magnifique :D

  • My fave is the gold armitage two strand three link detail necklace

  • I’m particularly fond of the Wellington Ave. Long Stripe Large Crystal Necklace. Classic, but fairly cheeky as well… love it!

  • My favorite is wellinton ave. Such a timeless, fun piece!

  • love the mnadison ave. graduated chain necklace!

  • I absolutely love the Southport two strand with cluster necklace (gold/ cranberry-garnet)…the burst of color is perfect for this understated design. :)

  • I love the Wellington St collection, specifically the 2-strand, 3 crystal necklace. I love the different street collections! They’re all so different and interesting. Great concept!

  • I love the astor st. cluster bib necklace. Anything that looks great with a casual AND dressy outfit is definitely a winner. :)

  • I ADORE the double row necklace is saphire blue.

    The bold gold and blue as well as the pattern reminds me of something the ancient Egyptians would have worn.

    All of the pieces are lovely.

  • oh, that’s absolutely stunning!

    such an inspirational blog.

    it’s very nice to meet you.. introducing myself to creative blogs i adore around the blogosphere — would love to swap links or feature you! xox

  • I love all the JESS lc things and even more after meeting her in Chicago – she is wonderful, young, energetic and sweet and smart too.
    Love the giveaway….
    pick moi!

  • I love the Madison Ave. three strand striped necklace! Thanks!

  • If I had to pick just one, it would be the Madison Avenue triple crystal necklace. But I would love to give the Made in Heaven, Silver Lining, and Good in Bed necklaces to friends.

  • Anonymous said...

    Love this !! but also love the astor streer cluster bib necklace!!!!it’s simply SMASHING!

  • Well,I have a few that I like…so hard to choose…but since i have to pick only one, my fave is the armitage two strand three link necklace.Wish I was back in Michigan so I could see her jewelry in person. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Monica said...

    I fell in love with the simplicity of the “wellington ave. long two layer necklace” :)

  • Wow…her jewelry is so elegant and chic! I love the Old Hollywood glamour of the Wellington Ave Large & Small Crystal necklace…although the giveaway piece is gorgeous too!

    Will have to check it out at some of her WI/CHI locations!

  • her jewelry is gorgeous! i love the southport small swing earrings, so delicate and lovely!

  • totally lusting after the wellington avenue long necklace right now.

  • Love the madison ave long stripe necklace! Thanks for the links, your blog is inspiring. :)

    Chelle, UK

  • I love the Southport two strand with cluster necklace. Dainty and understated. I can see wearing this every day!

  • Easy! My favorite is the armitage simple link earring – I just put it on my wish list for my birthday! :-)

  • i favor the wellington ave. graduated three strand single stripe necklace. :)

  • I love the addison three strand bracelet with links. Beautiful!!

  • Oh my goodness, that necklace is incredibly exotic and lovely~

  • All OF THEM! But the lucky in bed won it for me, love the single red bead accent.

  • The Armitage two strand with pearl + link detail necklace is such a wonderful piece I can wear daily as a way to feel a little more “put together” as a SAHM. Beautiful artistry…

  • So beautiful!!!! Love the Elm St Long Tagua Nut necklace!!!! Oh, and the astor street cluster bib necklace. Yummy.

  • I love the Madison Ave Crystal Stripe bracelet in nave and silver! The collections are beautiful!

  • I really like the elm street tagua nut necklace with hanging vchain detail!

  • NEPD said...

    Love Jess LC’s work. My fav of the moment is the Wellington three strand.
    I hope i win the prize!

  • I love the State street square necklace. So simple and elegant! I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one…
    - Danielle

  • I really love the Astor St. cluster bib necklace you gave away earlier in the year, although all the pieces are lovely. All the Madison Ave. pieces are great as well!

  • My favorite? Crazy as it is, you picked it to give away! It’s the dark blue and gold… I just can’t not love it!

  • It’s hard to pick just one favorite, so I’ll go with the astor st. cluster bib necklace! ~Amy

  • My favorite is definitely the Madison Ave. Three Strand Stripe Necklace (24″ in gold). Love the sapphire colored crystals, my birthstone!

  • Anonymous said...

    What a refreshing twist on classic gems! It can be worn a lot without it looking overly trendy or that it’s trying too hard.

  • The wellington 3 strand is beautiful!

  • LOVE the t-shirt, jeans and jacket look… PERFECT!!!

  • oh, SO hard to choose…but i’d say it’s a toss-up between the elm st thick chain bracelet and the astor street cluster bib necklace. both are just so fun and carefree…exactly what i need these days!

  • I just adore the Madison Ave. Small Double Row necklace. Stunning!

  • I love her Elm St. Double Bubble Necklace, the Wellington Ave. long stripe crystal necklace and, in the same collection, the graduated 3-strand single stripe collection. Gorgeous!

  • Madison Ave. Crystal and Link Earrings are soo beautiful! Love it! xxx

  • I adore the Addison 3 strand bracelet with links. Actually this would make a beautiful necklace as well!

  • So many beautiful baubles… so little time!!!

    My fave is the giveaway, the Madison Ave 3 strand.

    Keeping fingers crossed!

  • The ‘astor st. bead strand’ necklace. Pure innocence and beauty.

  • I’m so loving the Madison Ave Three Strand Stripe Necklace! So elegant and fun at the same time. The perfect way to spice up a tank top.

  • Elm Street Chain Bracelet is my 2nd fav. but the Madison Ave Three-Strand is lovely!!! Reasonable prices too!

  • Ooh! I must say that this necklace is one of my favorites! But I also love the Astor St bead strand necklace and the geometric shapes of state St. It’s all fabulous & the prices are great! Thanks for sharing!!

  • I LOVE the Madison Ave. Three Strand Stripe Necklace (http://jesslc.com/CH173.htm)

  • My favorite is the armitage one link necklace with pearl. So lovely!

  • The SOC CHIC collection is amazing! They are so adorable and for a good cause. My favorite is probably the lucky in bed one though because the little fortune cookie is so different and funny as well.

  • Fabulous collection,I loved all the bracelets,elm st thick chain bracelet would be my pick!Stunning giveaway!

  • mmm, all of it! love the armitage one link gold necklace.

  • Kat C. said...

    I really love the Addison Thick Cable and Heart Bracelet. i think it looks very elegant :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  • The rush street large vertical swarovski rock pendant is beautifully simple. I love how it’s not too cluttery.

  • Erica said...

    Oh, what a pretty necklace! Please add me in the giveaway.

    I really, really like the Cluster necklace in coral, from your Astor St. Collection. The color is beautiful and the necklace is simple and eye-catching.

  • Erica said...

    What a gorgeous necklace! My favorite necklace is the Cluster Necklace in Coral from your Astor St. Collection. It is so simple, yet eye-catching. :)

  • I love, love, love the Wellington Ave Long Stripe Large Crystal Necklace. It’s going on my Christmas list!!!

  • Oh the State St necklace is divine!

  • I really like the Astor St. bib necklace with dyed jade.

  • love the rush st large horizontal pendant.
    simple yet makes a statement!

  • My favorite is the Astor St. Bead Strand (in hibiscus). Initially when I bought it I thought I clicked on a different color combo. When my items arrived, I was pleasantly surprised because I normally wouldn’t have picked the Hibiscus, but it actually looks great and goes with so much as a perfect accent piece. Pleasantly surprised!

  • I love the Wellington 3 strand gold/silver ombo necklace. So pretty!

  • I love the Madison Ave. three strand necklace. Beautiful!

  • Love this! And the Madison ave three strand.
    Fingers crossed…

  • Astor St Cluster Bib Necklace. Swoon.

  • This is an amazing necklace! My favorite piece of Jess’ jewlery is Wellington Ave. large and small crystal necklace. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  • my fav is the astor st. 2 toned cluster necklace. but i really love all of it!!

  • I liked the armitage one link necklace.

  • I do love the Wellington Avenue crystal necklace. But all of the jewelry is scrumptious.


  • what a pretty piece!

    my favorite item from the store is the astor st. single bead & link earrings in jade. what a great shop! Thanks for sharing!


  • I really adore the Rush st large vertical swarvoski rock pendant.
    It’s so simple, but so striking!

  • I just love the Wellington Avenue long graduated stripe necklace

  • I like the armitage one link with pearl necklace — simple and elegant.

  • Oooo… Madison Ave. 3 strand necklace.

    Perhaps a new favorite?

  • My favorite piece is the Astor St. Waterfall Necklace.

  • I am in love with Addison Ave. – I love the simple gold loops!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Wow, her work is really stunning! I have to admit, the necklace that you have posted is one of my favourites. I love how she isn’t bound to one style but explores more ornate pieces, and more simple pieces. It’s all so elegant.

  • LisaF said...

    Love the Madison Avenue collection – bold stripe and long stripe are so pretty!

  • lms said...

    I love the Madison Ave 3-strand necklace — utter elegance! xx

  • I absolutely love your blog, it is so inspiring and feminine! That necklace is stunning, thanks for the give-away!

  • I love the madison ave double row necklace!

  • My favorite is Rush St. large horizontal swarovski rock pendant.
    The asymmetrical crystal is a perfect ending to such a flowing silver chain.

  • Melanie Mesaros said...

    It’s so hard to choose! I love her simple, elegant esthetic. I am going to go with the Wellington large and small crystal necklace. It’s stunning!

  • I really like the Silver Lining Necklace, a part of the Soc Chic collection. Also the State Street Single Long Eye necklace – love the asymmetricality!

  • Love the Madison Ave. Crystal and Link Earrings. Beautiful.

  • Kathryn in Halifax said...

    I actually quite enjoy one of the best sellers – the astor st. bead strand necklace is simple, but really cute!
    I would love to win :)

  • Beautiful things! Personally, digging pops of fucshia right now so I like the Astor St. Cluster bib necklace in fucshia.

  • Loving the addison three strand bracelet with links. so classic.

  • Oh it’s all beautiful! My favorite has to be the Wellington Ave. Long Two Layer Necklace from the Chicago Collection. Simple & chic!

    Bisous! XOXO

    - laur @ neonmango

  • I love the Madison Ave 3-strand necklace most of all. this is an amazing contest. Thanks for hosting

  • love the elm st. think chain bracelet… and i don’t even like bracelets!

  • wow these are like the j.crew jewelry i’ve been coveting and some are even better! i never thought silver and gold together would be so great. my favorite..would be the wellington ave long stripe large crystal necklace in the necklaces and the addison four strand bracelet wit gems of the bracelets.

  • Thanks for introducing me to jesslc! I really like the necklace you chose, the three strand bold stripe necklace.

  • So very many beautiful pieces, especially the astor st. brad necklace!

  • Lovely necklace and love the reason Jess started her blog – way to go!

  • Varty said...

    It’s an easy win amongst the earrings: astor st. short drop earrings (in BOTH coral and marble, can’t blame a girl for not being able to decide). It’s simplistic elegance speaks volumes; it’s just classy.

    As for necklaces, my favorite at the moment is the elm st double leaf necklace. The leaf motif is always a favorite of mine, reminds me of my autumns in Philadelphia.

  • Varty said...

    The elm st double leaf necklace is the easy choice for me (though I prefer the armitage ave collection overall). I adore the leaf motif, it reminds me of the autumns in Philly.

  • Chic Coles (Cole Design), Amy, Chelsa Bea, Beth, Emily Lou, Sihui, Renee, Ellen — you’re welcome :)

    Luca – couldn’t agree more + thank you

    Annie – certain Jess is thrilled you’re such a fan!

    A Gift Wrapped Life – not at all – looking forward to seeing how it inspires you

    Jen – love that you have it all planned out . . .

    Amber Renee – thank you – shall check out your blog

    Chelleteo – thank you

    Mindy – so sweet – thank you!

    Daniella – such a lovely comment – thanks so much

    good luck!

  • Simply amazing! Each piece is so incredibly sophesticated, yet with a youthfulness and playfulness at the same time. I Adore this Madison Ave 3-strand necklace, which would have to be my favourite from her store; it not only opitomises elegance, yet has marvellous vintage qualities whilst still being so modern. The kind of jewellery that would make you feel like you’re worth $1,000,000!
    Thankyou yet again for finding this wonderful webshop!



  • Love all your giveaways, do you think I would have another chance to win again !! Let’s try as i love this necklace

  • I adore the understated elegance of the rush st three strand necklace. The giveaway piece is equally beautiful…*sigh*

  • This three strand necklace is awesome. I am also a big fan of the very simple yet very beautiful wellington ave collection!

  • I really like this one:http://jesslc.com/CH74.htm

    Its very simple, and nice for fall:) Would like nice with layers!

  • I think that necklace would look far better on me than anyone else! :)

  • oooh – i love this! it’s gorgeous. would love to wear it ’round my neck.

  • would love to see this glamorous necklace around my neck ;)

  • I actually like the Madion Ave. collection the best, the three strand stripe necklace is my favorite choice.

  • My favorites are definately the Madison Ave. Crystal and link Earrings…beautiful

  • I simply love the Rush St. baroque pendant necklace with the small olive cz. It is so simple yet elegant!

  • Ooo I really like the madison ave. crystal and link earrings in plum or navy. ~Emily

  • I really like the astor st. bead strand necklace in pool. It is so lovely.

  • This necklace is a beauty!! I also love love love the astor st. cluster bib in fuschia. I’ve never heard of Jess’ jewellery before so thanks for the intro. Lots of shopping to be done!

  • This was difficult. But I really like the sweet Silver Lining Necklace in gold. Adorable.

  • I heart the Addison Three Strand Bracelet with Links!

  • My favourite is the armitage two strand three pearl detail necklace. Gorgeous!

  • I am in love with the Rush St large vertical Swarovski pendant. I didn’t know that my accessory collection was missing such a necessary piece until I discovered Jess L.C. today on DC and didn’t realize my daily internet trolling was missing such a great blog until I read Make under My Life! I heart you Jess!

  • I absolutely adore the Diversey Two Strand, Three Paisley Necklace.

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