{a fond farewell to summer}


. . . lovely to be back again after a stunningly beautiful weekend filled with sunny, sunny skies and balmy mid-afternoon breezes fitting for the last long-weekend of the summer — even as the early mornings turn crisp and it’s nearly time for soft scarves, tall boots and elegant trenches, one last look at the perfect loveliness we leave behind . . .

{images: 1 – country style; 2 – collette dinnigan; 3 – Rooms to Inspire in the Country by annie kelly; 4 – Living by Design by john stefanidis; 5 – belinda merrie; 6 – house & garden; 7 - michael graydon; 8 – oberto gill – all images via the ever-inspiring brabourne farmthank you, felicity!}


Felicity remembers Miss Roséline’s very first post a number of years ago. Her first introduction to the world of blogging was when she stumbled across a post on Bestey Johnson's apartment on This Is Glamorous. Ever since then, she has watched TIG blossom and grow into the much loved blog you now are now reading. Roséline’s eye for glamorous elegant finds, makes her smile, especially when she places them in her multi-image colour themed posts. She has also very much enjoyed the addition of Laily‘s Favorite Five posts & Sarah‘s weekly travel finds. She encourages you to settle in with a box of Ladurée macarons & your favorite tea and wander through the treasure trove of images hidden in the archives of this lovely blog. You’ll be so glad you did.

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  • Gorgeous images! My favorite being the roses and coral!

  • Loved this post- featured it on my Friday Faves:


    @laviejaime (twitter)

  • Gina – a perfect idea

    Sarathira Sukiman – how lovely — thanks so much!

    Anne – yes to cashmere and lucky you to be enjoying a warm Fall in San Francisco


  • How have i never visited brabourne farm before? what a gorgeous round up of images from a lovely blog–thanks for the share!

    and as for the end of summer, come visit me in san francisco where we have a lovely warm beautiful fall (or so I’ve been told!)

    and if all else fails, i have one word to make the end of summer okay: cashmere!

  • you’re the only one who can welcome autumn this beautiful! stunning photos, especially the first two, it sets the whole mood :) happy early weekend!

  • I think that I will bookmark this page of the blog to visit in January…So Beautiful!

  • Nooo, it can’t be the end of summer yet. It hasn’t even started here in San Francisco! Beautiful pictures though. That all-white room is just amazing.

  • Hello Felicity! Thanks so much for the warm welcome back — it was a weekend get-away, for the last long weekend of the summer :)

    My favourite is the second as well — Collette Dinnigan’s beautiful place!

    As for Chicago, working on putting together a few photos tonight and hopefully will have something up for tomorrow?

    Always lovely to hear from you + much love,

  • FXOX said...

    dear r, welcome back! I thought you’d be gone for a week!
    my favorite was definitely the second picture.:-)
    Any pictures/recommendations from Chicago for us?

    Smiles and much love


  • Especially love the starfish in the jar!

  • I love that first pic so much… It’s sunny today so I’m hoping summer isn’t done yet. Bet that means it’s going to rain any second now!

  • Each of these images is perfect loveliness.

  • Kaijuu – very wise words + quite comforting as well – will definitely cherish every last moment . . .

    Elise – thank you!

    b. – it’s true – time does fly

    Katherine + Fifi – thanks for the unwavering optimism and reminder that it’s not over yet . . .


  • LOVE the swing! You still have a couple weeks left!!!

  • Such stunning photos, as always! At least with all the lovely accessories, designs, fabrics, scents…available to us, we can have a taste of summer indoors no matter what the season!

  • summer will be back before we know it! xo.

  • There all great. I love the rose covered swing and the cottage door!

  • Gorgeous photos!! I love the rose covered swing!!

  • Oh WOW, this is so clever – you have the most gorgeous site here and I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It’s all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes….

  • le sigh. It does hurt to see summer go. I feel like my most beautiful memories remain in summer. However, all must change in order to renew itself. All the more reason to cherish each moment. ^_^

  • swooning…

  • that swing is beautiful!

  • corksandcaftans — completely! thought was prepared for autumn as well and ready to say good-bye to summer until i saw these lovely images and immediately felt a deep nostalgia and sadness to see it go . . .

  • aaahhh that first image is sooo peaceful and calm! gorgeous photos! inspiring me for our summer days to come! xx

  • Sigh. The sweet melancholy of late summer and the harvest moon. Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful photos here, and for the delightful inspiration. I am cherishing the last blooms of Rosa Bibi Maizoon in my garden… soon the frost will send her into a winter slumber.


  • Shame on you! I was all “yeah, I’m ready for fall” and dumping summer like an old fling when I saw a. that orchard picture and b. the open door picture. Ah! Really, that is unfair!

    quite lovely :)

  • Brigadeiro — envious! thought about the southern hemisphere after writing this post and that you are heading into wonderful, wonderful summer . . .


  • You bid farewell…I hope to say hello to Summer soon…Spring just arrived (doesn’t seem like it yet), so will relish that :)


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