{autumn afternoons}


friday’s happy weekend posts have somehow fallen away to weekend plans — sometimes suitcases to pack or dinner reservations, but always excitement for the days ahead — this weekend was moments in the still-warm september sun, afternoons in dusky cafés and evenings in candlelight, remembering rustling leaves and starlight and enveloped in the magic of autumn . . .

hope you had a beautiful weekend!

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{images: stylist Marianne Cotterill’s home scanned by MoodboardElle Decoration September 2003, photography by JP Masclet}

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  • Life’s current hardships befall me. I mourn for a missing summer and a forgotten spring, this post sweetly urges me to look forward to the future and to see the beauty that covers all cycles of life. To remember how precious it is. Thank you. Happy Autumn.

  • I love your finds- I can always count on your photos when I need something pretty to look at. Which is often here in London when the days get so gloomy gray in the fall.

    Love this home above that you found!

  • These images are beautiful, I love your blog :)

  • afternoons in dusky cafes? Yes please! Loving that mirror in the second photo, that would be PERFECT in my apartment entrance. Welcome to the week!

  • nice wallpaper!


  • Fall is here! Yippppeee…


  • FXOX said...

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh beautiful.

    These days I tend to think that sofas should be fine and in a French style – but still a beautiful slightly chunky English style sofa is always that – beautiful.

    Swoonworthy post Miss G.


  • Autumnal delights, especially the bedroom, pretty victorian!

  • So dreamy and glamorous– as usual! I love the crown moulding in the second pic… gorgeous!

  • Oh what a lovely weekend that sounds like. And the warmth of all these images is the perfect match for the glow of autumn.

  • Kaijuu – can perfectly understand your plight – as an all-out summer girl, have been mourning its loss for months now, even as the day were still long and the sun shone high – have only begun to come to terms with the fact that the changing seasons is a wonderful thing, and while may never embrace the iciness of winter, autumn can truly be a lovely time – happy autumn to you as well . . .

    mn – such a lovely comment – thanks so much!

    Simone – thank you!

    Felicity — hello! + thank you :) — the sofa was what first drew me in – soft and down-filled coziness . . .

    Happy Monday, everyone! Wishing you a lovely start to a new week,

  • Bamboo and miles of baby pink drapery, it is like you were channeling my deepest interior desires…

  • LOVE IT!!! What fashionable fall!!!! xx

  • Ooh! So warm & inviting…

  • that bed is heavenly!

  • lovely. It’s kinda what I want my house to look like when I’m a retired grandma living in the English countryside.

  • These are breathtaking. What elegance!

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