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Lately have been adoring all things Australian, including Sesame, an online fashion magazine from Melbourne that focuses on emerging talents in fashion, illustration, art and music . . .

“I think I’ve always been a bit of a magazine addict,” says Nadia Barbaro, [Sesame's founder]. “I have a ridiculous collection piling up around the house.” Sesame was born three years ago as a print magazine, but Barbaro was soon swayed by the Web. The heart of the site is, of course, Australian fashion, and twice a year, Barbaro plucks the best local designers, artists, and musicians to feature in gorgeous fashion spreads. “It’s pretty girly,” says Barbaro, “Doesn’t every girl want her own magazine?” excerpt: Jamie Cooke for Nylon magazine

Issue Seven has just been release and it’s all interactivity and animation intermingled with dreamy stills, wood nymphs and rainbows . . . also fun was the chance to answer a few questions with Nadia, who is also a stylist and Sesame‘s talented creative director:

. . . and to be included in the magazine’s Blogs We ♥ category along Lucy from The Design Files and the always fun and fashionable Susanna from Style Bubble; thanks so much to Nadia for being so cool despite my answers arriving nearly too late . . .

{view the new issue + read the interview}

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  • Congrats on the interview! I loved reading all your answers. I’m going to have to remember that quote on glamour! It’s a new favorite.

    And thanks for introducing me to a fabulous new magazine and source of inspiration.


  • Amazing. Great magazine! I love all the beautiful images you share! Thank you! xxTaylor

  • Congratulations on the interview! I love the magazine.. Very nice photography.

  • Congratulations! This is so exciting! The magazine is very stylish and your Q&A is so fun. And, surprise, surprise, we collect all the same things. :)

  • What a fantastic interview! I loved seeing this peek inside your brain… you are so inspiring, always, and I lovelovelove that quote:)

  • Haha, love that Lily Daché quote. So true. Once a woman asks you where you’ve bought your dress, and the men are all staring at you, I guess you’ve picked out the right one to wear!

  • Fabulous interview, darling. Well done. I adore your list of at-the-moment obsessions! Just what could be better than cupcakes and Alexander Wang?


  • I have yet to fully discover this new world of online magazines, this one looks so fabulous, romantic and just so beautiful… :)

  • Nice interview! I really like that quote! Your blog is a delight.

  • I am so excited to check it out…thanks for the link…xo t

  • congrats on the interview! :)

  • Congrats on the interview!
    Lovely pics as usual ;)

  • This is gorgeous. I live so close but have never seen it. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  • Congratulations, that’s wonderful!

    A beautiful post, as always.

  • FXOX said...

    We’re dying to know Miss R, what does the le charming boyfriend do when the handsome stranger asks la glamorous mademoiselle for her phone no.?? :-)

  • What a beautiful project, so glad I know about this now.

  • Love these pics. Love that you posted them because I would have never seen them otherwise…

  • Her name was Lola – Indeed! Doesn’t get much better than Alexander Wang + cupcakes

    Hola!Design – thank you!

    Felicity!! So happy to hear from you! Are you back from Paris? And should have known you’d be up to your usual mischief! And in answer, le boyfriend handles these situations with ease and grace :)

    Thanks so much for the well-wishes, everyone! You’re all so lovely for taking a moment to visit and say hello – the interview was a pleasure, as the questions were so fun + engaging – delighted to have a chance to introduce such a great magazine!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week so far,

  • thanks great! i love sesame.

  • Love your interview ! you are such a diva !!

  • these photos are GORGEOUS. i love their hair.

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