{fashion inspiration: loeffler randall}


Lovely new things for Fall at Loeffler Randall and it’s all cream twill and champagne washed satin . . . and to make things even more irresistible, a brand new site for online shopping . . .

lola ruffle bootie – beige leather
shoulder dress – nude silk with pale gold sequins

{p.s.} more Fall inspiration

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  • Mmmm, I love all the creamy hues!


  • Lovely pieces for Fall!

    I especially like the little booties in image 02 – it’s so nice to see some Fall booties in a lighter color. They look gorgeous with those cozy stockings.

    *I’m adding this post of yours to my top (recently blogged) picks for Fall highlights and looks.

  • So pretty, so pretty, so pretty. It almost hurts.

  • These pictures are gorgeous, & I love that shoulder dress!

  • LOVE the blazer in the 3rd pic and the dress in the last! Gorgeous! :)

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  • Love the shoes! They are gorgeous!

  • Love the quality of the pictures…so ethereal… And I love the tall boots with the buckles. I am really digging those tights. They’re going to be big this Fall, I guess. :)

  • Beautiful photos! I love those booties, soooooooooooooo adorable. x

  • This post… these images… they just speak to me. They’re screaming, Bee! Buy me! Wear me! Love me! I’ll comply.

  • This nude colors are just beautiful. I love Loeffler Randall.

  • The second picture, OMG! Love.

  • I personally think the first top/dress looks like a ribcage. The rest looks amazing.

  • What gorgeous colours. They are so cosey!

  • The nude is just so beautiful !
    (excuse my english, i am french )

  • Thanks, Sarah! And yes, lighter colours for fall is such a nice change

    Anareis – sadly, can not read your comment . . .

    Vintage Simple – tights are one of the fun things about Fall

    Bee – What else can we do?

    The Freakum Dress – your English is perfect :)

  • Love this photo set. I’m always amazed at how you manage to stay so consistent with the look and feel of each and every image you post. Yoru whole blog blends together so seamlessly

  • kimber doll — you are so sweet! thanks so much for such a lovely comment

    hope you’re having a lovely week,

  • Delicious! Her shoes are positively divine. I snapped up a pair of snakeskin flats on gilt a while back and they have become my fave shoes by far!

    now to add some chunky booties to my wish list…

  • I really like that nude trend!

  • Wow, I love everything in all of those photos. Wish my wallet did too.

  • Wow, I love everything in all of those photos. Wish my wallet did too.

  • this is gorgeous!! i love the color :)

  • i love loeffler randall. all of my shoes from them have lasted ages and go with everything, and my everyday bag is a workhorse. definitely good investment pieces.

  • I do love creams and beige and Loeffler Randall.


  • I adore the idea of champagne washed satin for Fall. It looks divine here.


  • Now those are some booties I think I cold rock with my short little legs!

  • Love the color pallet Loeffler Randall has chosen. So pretty! =)

  • Funny story,when I joined Ogilvy in New York (ad agency), I was given the office of the husband to Loeffler Randall, i was told ‘he went to join his wife in the shoe business’ – he certainly did. I love their style

  • NUDE is just so perfect! love it! always a great go to color!

    Have a great weekend!

  • i like the soft delicate colour!
    thnkas for sharing

  • Beautiful, xv.

  • those look great for fall! i love the colors!

  • soooo totally in love… really good inspiration pics

  • Loeffler Randall has the best photos, what a gorgeous post

  • such beautiful and peaceful looks! love the femininity of them all!

  • I love the socks! gorgeous photos :)

  • ohhh A/W nudes. I love alternatives to blackblackblack.

  • The shoes are phenomenal. Thank you for the tip!

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