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A new week, a new month, and a perfect time to start anew, fresh and with blank a canvas, finish last month’s projects, and plan for the adventures ahead . . .

{images: 1 – vogue living australia; 2+3 – p2an on flickr;}
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  • What amazing photographs, that top one in particular! Very inspiring words too, thank-you.

  • OMG that top photo is breathtaking. Heaven.

  • beautiful, again =) i love the little dresser in the top photo.

  • That is my dream vanity table. Gorgeous!

  • beautiful spaces – I agree, new month new beginnings and definitely a chance to tidy up loose ends – that is what August is for me! x

  • Incredibly simple….& incredibly pretty! I spent yesterday, cleaning & redecorating my living room…how “dusty & grubby” it was?…How can it happen so fast???…Anyway, while arranging end tables & sideboards last night…I was trying to “edit” every arrangement….making each piece or grouping stand on it’s own, without a lot of clutter to distract the eye! And I think I did it!….Simple & beautiful! Resulting in a much more “urban country feel”!…Your pictures are always si inspiring!!!…..Enjoy your day!…Heidi XO

  • White is so nice and warm here, so fresh )))

  • white is so nice here, so warm and so fresh. Great interior)))

  • The sheers really do it for me. I’ve got to have a house full of sheers one day. I love the ethereal look they create.

    These are amazing images, by the way. Thanks for the mood lifter!

  • So great! So clean — so fresh!

  • Oh how utterly feminine. That white room with the sheers, the vanity and that gorgeous dark floor.

  • Love your outlook on life as well as all your inspiring photos! Thank goodness it’s a new week and a new month! woo hoo

  • White gorgeousness. I adore that vanity/venetian mirror!

  • Great photography I love the images in Vogue. La couleur blanche est tellement apaisant.

  • Love the top photo!!! So breezy and lovely!

  • It is late & I just posted my blog. Just wanted to let you know that I found some amazing “vintage photos” that made me think of you!…I have meant to post them, but haven’t had the time, but I did tonight. For bringing so much beauty to all our lives, I hope I returned the favor in a small way…Enjoy!….Your friend, Heidi xo

  • What are you planning now? Clean slate. New ideas. Share soon.

  • heidi ann — your place so wonderfully organized. Off to check out your vintage photography post . . .

    liberty post editor — thanks for asking. Many, many ideas and plans, but only one four-day weekend left this summer . . .

  • White is ALWAYS a winner for me!

  • seriously, when can I move in?

  • hi p2an here,
    i must say it’s nice to see pics of my apartment turn up on some blogs. and in regards to the whole white-living thing – it is great, but be prepared to clean the house ever couple of days :)

  • Hello p2an! Lovely to hear from you, and your place is just beautiful.

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