{the most stylish macbook ever}


. . . a 24kt gold-plated macbook pro with diamond apple logo

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  • What will they think of next. I’ll have to add that to my “I love goooold” wish list :) Thanks for sharing!


  • I could use one of those. I’d look pretty glamorous putting my blog together!


  • Kate, your “I love goooold” wish list” sounds like fun :)

    Melissa, I had to laugh at the thought of us trying to put our posts together using that 24kt keyboard.

  • I love the look of gold, but somehow the only person I can imagine actually having one of these is maybe P-Diddy??? (Is that still his name?) This is a bit heavy on the bling…..You have an amazing way of digging up some very interesting finds! ;>)

  • Thanks, Anne, and well, since this is “This is Glamorous” and not “This is Practical,” I guess a little bling every once in a while is to be expected :)

    (And I think he may be going by just Diddy now?)

  • oh. my. goodness. the mere fact this exists is lovely. my beloved matte silver finish Mac will never be the same.

    Having said that, I’d never use it. I’d simply display it for its beauty (and yes, gauche qualities). :)

  • Isn’t it beautiful, Franki? I was pretty taken with it, and like you, looked over at my silver Mac like it wasn’t the quite the same :)

  • THIS should have been one of fantasy gifts at Neiman Marcus.

  • Anonymous said...

    omg this looks so hot! I love this site!!!!


  • It really should have, Brilliant–it’s far better than a lot of the gifts that were listed.

    Thanks so much Zachary! I know you have a bit of an Apple fetish, so this would be pefect for you.

  • that is gorgeous – I would love to have it!

  • mrskatherinea–this Mac Book is pretty much on everyone’s wish list this year!

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